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Tiki, what else???????

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Since I'm new on this board how about letting me know of some cooooooool places to buy tiki stuff. Was at Trader Vics in the late 50's and sat next to Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher. That's right I am 200 years old. Loooooooove Tiki stuff.
clasystar @earthlink.net

Welcome to TC TikiLover.
Try Konakai.com
Can I have your autograph? Please sign my Book of Tiki book before you sign Polynesian Pop's. Thanks

Hi Tikilover. Welcome to the club.

Everyone on this forum is so incredibly helpful and I have found a TON of information just from cruising around in the older posts.

Go fix yourself a big MaiTai and have a seat in front of the monitor and just start reading. I'm sure you'll find just what you are looking for.

Aloha TikiLover-

Where are you located?

What do you design?


e komo mai! Welcome to the coolest tiki spot around. You will be amazed, as am I at how helpful, friendly, and knowledgable everyone here is. Sounds like you'll fit right in...Aloha!Wes
(stop by for a chat if in the area)

Aloha TikiLover, Welcome to the tribe!

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