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Enchanted Tiki Room - The Movie?

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With the arrival of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie, several newspapers are having fun coming up with ideas for the next films to based on Disney attraction rides. This following idea, from a writer named Breuse Hickman, appeared in a Florida Today newspaper.

"The Enchanted Tiki Room -- Birdie's Revenge": Fowls that go boom highlight this unofficial update of Hitchcock's "The Birds. " Unlike the other ride-to-film projects, the story takes place at the Disney attraction, where the show's flying stars gradually tire of forcing audiences to "sing like the birdies sing." Depp plays a Tiki god gone bad who slowly convinces his animatronic flock to "peck eyes like the birdies peck eyes."

A fine idea, but perhaps the Tiki God gone bad could be played by Gilbert Gottfried?


I don't think that makes any sense. Do You?

How about it TWO-wheelin' TIKI?

I typed way too fast

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This idea is ripe. There are a ton of writers on this site (myself included). Maybe we can post ideas and one of us can crank out a screenplay in a couple days: I know a good screenplay agent (sort of). I kicked this idea around back in April, and came up short. Or we could do a round robin, where one person creates a scene, and another adds to it.
I think the only idea I came up with about this was about a 50's style tiki lounge on a tropical isle, with your prototype lounge crooners (one german, one latino, one french, etc: savvy?) who anger the gods with their merriment and building the lounge on kapu grounds, and one night the crooners and a full house of audience are cursed to be birds and flowers forever, singing the same couple songs over and over. In present time, this place is discovered by some innocent [insert your favorite characters here] who want to undo the curse through a series of [insert your wacky disney adventure/conflicts here]. However, enter the bad guys, these [insert your jimmy buffet and/or corporate prototypes here] who want to open the place up as a chain restaurant wannabe tiki place for tourists, keeping the poor crooners enslaved forever (think Rainforest Cafe meets.... no, it's bad enough on its own).
Anyway, that's my thoughts...

Jen X

DangerGirl, I like your idea (we talked about this at Trader Vic's remember).

I think they should be trying to undo the curse so they can do a benefit performance in order to save the place from being torn down completely (the classic "Let's put on a show to save the orphanage" plotline), killing all the enslaved people inside (shades of what Disney's been hinting at doing for a while now).

The hero has to be a kid that no one believes in, expect for an old man, who's an employee of the Tiki Room (as in many movies, like "last Action Hero") There's got to be something magic that they're looking for to unclock the curse, but at the end is destroyed, and just when we think all hope is lost the old man tells the kid that the power to unlock the curse is right there, in the kid's heart. They never needed the special item (shades of "Wizard of Oz")

Ugh. I've just described the plotline to "The Country Bears", didn't I?



Well, the "old man" who believes in the kid has got to be Maynard!!!

The only problem is that if the musicians are trapped as birds and succeed in being freed at the end, then when kids visit the tiki room after seeing the movie, they'll be sad that everyone is still trapped. Seeing the birds sing in the room after seeing the movie has to be a happy experience. The birds have to want to be there! Plot twist required.

Hot damn that was insightful! I should have you review my manuscript, too.
You guys are totally right, it needs to appeal to the munchkins, as well as our demographic, and the birds can't be enslaved.
I will have to set my thinker on it tonight over a Pepsi Blue and Vodka (or two)...

This could be the new millenium's answer to "The Goonies"! I love it.


I think two Disney rides could be combined into one feature - both the Enchanted Tiki Room AND the It's a Small World Ride. Then the main plot could involve some mishap which causes all of the its a small world dolls to stop spinning, and their smiles are replaced by frowns because no one comes to see them.

There is only one thing that can get the dolls smiling and turning again, and that happens only when the birds start singing in the tiki tiki room. But they are all asleep, a result of villains pumping knockout gas into the tiki room. These villains want to get rid of the tiki room, and separate and relocate the tiki birds into special mechanical zoos. It is known that the tiki birds contain magical powers, and these villains think that if they have their own mechanical tiki bird in their corporate office, then they can rule the world -- similar to how endangered tigers are hunted for the sexual powers contained within their organs. They don't realize that it is the collective harmonizing, and not the individual voices of the tiki birds that results in the magical tiki powers.

The film could star a pair of real life child actors who sadly die in the film -- but their sacrifice is not in vain, as a old school Disney character (Tinkerbell?) arrives, and their likeness is thus reproduced in miniature, as they become a pair of the smiling, spinning Its a Small World dolls at the end of the film, bringing joy to all who come to see them.

You could have an scarey evil character, who rises out of the water to grab people out of the Its a Small World Ride - this character only grabs those promiscuous teen girls who bare their breasts on the Splash/Flash mountain ride. For a happier ending, Leonardo Di Caprio could play this character: it turns out he did not die in the Titanic film at all, but survived, but in an evil altered state .... and just like Sleeping Beauty needs a kiss fom the prince to awake, he needs the scent of the tiki room flowers to transform him into a positive role model again -- one who is seen at the end of the film, protecting both the Its a Small World Ride and the Enchanted Tiki Room from future invading evil-doers.

The movie ends with the tiki room birds still singing, and their spirit of tiki powers all of the different cultures all over the world.


"Or we could do a round robin, where one person creates a scene, and another adds to it."

  • and it would also be guaranteed to end up in WGA arbitration. :wink:

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I just viewed the preview picture of Shag's upcoming Tiki Room tribute print, 'One Enchanted Evening' (shown in the collecting tiki thread)

So, perhaps the 'Enchanted Tiki Room' movie should be an animated feature?

What would be neat is to have the entire 15 minute Tiki Room show, as is, done in full as a short subject film, done in Shag animation style. The accompanying soundtrack could feature remakes by our favorite current tiki-flavored bands.


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