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Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai, Ventura, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai
Street:701 East Main St.

Ventiki opened in July 2013, they offer classic and modern Tiki cocktails and dining on their lanai under towering palms with classic pupus. Scott Noble is the owner and Von Tiki carved the Tiki, Tiki Tony did the artwork and Chef Jonny is the Tiki fushion chef.


Scott Vontiki and I have been talking looks like we will be starting an Official TC Night in a week or two. It will be Wed Nights and we will be having a punch of the week specials for the night (while supplies last I've seen you folks drink hahahahaha). I will let you know the starting date....


Flew in from Houston, Texas primarily to visit Ventiki in my former hometown of San Buentaventura, and was not disappointed. Fantastic staff, decor, food, and fine drinks. Nothing slipshod about it...well made handcrafted drinks with great attention to detail at every step. Classics along with some great new ones. Y'all have gotta try to visit.

Had the extra pleasure of having run into Dr. Shocker while I was there today enjoying lunch at the bar. I gather from his knowledge of the place...he had been there once or twice before. :wink:

Also got to meet Scott and Kari, who were gracious and charming and...a lot of fun! Mahalo Nui to all there.

Gonna try to make it back tomorrow night if I can get all the friends & family stuff out of the way. :wink:

PremEx it was great meeting you, hope to see you again on your next return home

Ventiki has been in the local press...

All things Tiki finds a home on Main Street in Ventura
By Lisa McKinnon 8/31/2013
Ventura County Star

Tropical treats in Downtown Ventura
By JR Grant 9/5/2013
VC Reporter

Ventiki web site:

Ventiki on Facebook:

Also, don't miss this earlier TikiCentral thread about Ventiki which chronicles the restaurant up to about the time it opened.
New Tiki Bar Opening Soon In Ventura

I'm hoping to finally pay a visit this weekend. Looking forward to it!

I did make it to Ventiki and was not disappointed. The food is good, the drink menu features lots of topicals both vintage and new, and the décor is thoughtful and well executed. I particularly liked the colorful resin lamps and the big Vontiki carvings. There’s also a little stone tiki fountain (water features are always a plus) outside next to a mural inspired, I think, by graphics from Oakland’s Zombie Village. In this version the supplicating wahine has acquired a strategically placed flower lei for modesty’s sake.

Scott Noble stopped by our table and talked with us for a bit about some of the challenges that were faced including everything from bad plumbing to ADA requirements. It strikes me he would be a great subject for a proper interview (is anyone from Tiki Magazine listening?) about the realities of opening a modern-day tiki bar and restaurant. The experience is certainly fresh in his mind.

As we were heading out, Mr. Noble gave me a handful of cool Ventiki swag. I’ll share it with you as I haven’t seen pictures posted of any of these yet. You can see some of Tiki Tony's work.

business card




I encourage all TikiCentral members to give Ventiki a visit. There are many little touches TC'ers will notice and appreciate.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention; if you have kids, Ventiki's patio dining area is perfectly kid-friendly. I had my whole family with me and we were made very welcome. A good time was had by all.


Finally made it down to the Ventiki Lounge yesterday for a few Mai Tais before the X and Blasters show at the Majestic Ventura Theater. The Mai Tais were excellent, and better yet they were only $6.00 during Tsunami Warning (happy hour). Mrs. DC Had a nice Lapu Lapu as well - the Royal Hawaiian recipe. The owner Scott was pouring drinks and Doctor Shocker was there too. It was great talking to them about the place.

Funny story from Scott. He gets a call at 8:05 in the morning on July 4th during the Push-Em Pull-Em kids parade that goes by the restaurant on Main Street. It seems as though the naked breasts of the Zombie Village menu mural on the outside wall had offended many of the mothers with their children in tow. The mural quickly gets a flowered lei to appease the masses!

Reminds we of the great Trader Vic's menu coconut bra cover-up!




I love that Zombie Village menu cover! I bought one from a guy who lives in Turkey.

On 2013-12-06 11:16, Dustycajun wrote:
Funny story from Scott. He gets a call at 8:05 in the morning on July 4th during the Push-Em Pull-Em kids parade that goes by the restaurant on Main Street. It seems as though the naked breasts of the Zombie Village menu mural on the outside wall had offended many of the mothers with their children in tow. The mural quickly gets a flowered lei to appease the masses!

Ventiki's Facebook page still has a photo from before.


So is there a meet next Wed?


Stopped by Ventiki over the weekend and met up with a few friends and also got a chance to meet some of "Tiki" the locals. What a great place! I was able to meet Scott, enjoy my Ventiki Zombie and had a nice buzzed ride back to LB...glad I stopped!


Just heard about this bar from a friend who used to live in Ventura and came here to TC to check it out. Looks phenomenal!

The husband and I will likely be there tomorrow before he plays a gig at Billy O's later that evening. We're staying at the Best Western and this place looks like it's walking distance!
Huzzah, Ventiki!

UPDATE: Husband and I walked up to Ventiki on Saturday night around 6:30. We met Scott, who is SUPER NICE and has done a really good job with the place so far. Our Mai Tais were excellent (near-perfect, honestly) and Husband also had the "Altar of Sacrifice" which was tasty and slightly spicy (thanks to double bitters -- both Pechaud's and Angostoura). It's a really cute place and I hope it does well for him. All TC folks in the Ventura area should really go support Scott & Ventiki!

It was also really great to finally meet VonTiki!

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The Lapu-Lapu drink pic posted on Facebook today seems tasty!

Some Ventiki news in the Ventura County Star last week.


The Ventiki Whip Party was fun!


My wife and I went to Ventura for a visit with some long time friends. We were able to make it to Ventiki and we had a nice chat with Scott and Dr. Shocker about the Ventiki.

My wife said the Lapu Lapu and Mai Tai were excellent, I enjoyed a Rusty Harpoon. If you enjoy cinnamon this is a must drink.

The food was outstanding. We had some scallops with coconut shrimp. I love everything about this place,

I had some very fresh Ahi Sushi.

Make sure to stop by their gift shop.

Ventura County Star


Here's the link Bamboo Ben posted in Shout. There's video of the palm tree crashing down.

kkocka posted on Wed, Feb 3, 2016 1:10 PM

Is that a newspaper? :D

So glad no one was injured. Can’t wait to see the two new tikis.

More clippings from the... newspaper! Apologies for the missing portion of page three. The scans were sent to me so I can't fix it.

. .


We are open and had a great weekend. Thanx to everyone who came out to help with the rebuild and the staff.

The place looked great on Saturday. A big congratulations to the fearless crew in charge of the rebuild.


Well it's been a whirlwind of Mai Tai’s, Pulled Pork and Trees Falling but we have survived three wonderful years at VenTiki Lounge & Lanai in Downtown Ventura, CA. Come join us Sunday July 17th at 6pm as we recount the many joys over the past three years. There will be cake and a oh so potent punch on the patio for your enjoyment as well as our full menu of fun. Bring a friend, bring two this will be one Luau you don’t want to miss.


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