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Java Lanes, Long Beach, CA (other)

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Name:Java Lanes
Street:3800 E. Pacific Coast Highway
City:Long Beach

Bowling center just west & up the hill from Long Beach's famous Traffic Circle. Built in 1958 by the firm of DeRosa, Daly & Powers, it was the very last of the authentic Polynesian style bowling centers in Southern California. It closed for good on May 31, 2004 and was demolished. Java Lanes was the home of the East Indies Room and was the sister bowling center to the 1958 Kona Lanes in Costa Mesa, which was also demolished in 2003.


Thought it was time to consolidate Java Lanes' info here due to recent find. Taderpup seems to have a great deal of info regarding Java Lanes and even named a home bar after the East Indies Room. Hoping you'll add to it Traderpup!

See here: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=2077&forum=1&hilite=Java

Easily seen from PCH was Java Lanes’ A Frame entrance with its sweeping cantilevered effect.

The Java Lanes’ swirling neon 'BOWL' sign was a stunning example of Googie.

Matchbook posted by BigBro and DC.

And a Java Lanes ashtray.

Thanks Anders - What a great A-frame!

I found this late East Indies Room menu on a Bowling history site:

...where it says this:

"In 1957, the year Java Lanes opened at 3800 E. PCH, eight alleys existed in Long Beach, including the Belmont and the Beachcomber (no relation to this paper, but certainly our choice for a game or two) at 25 Chestnut, downtown. Counting the Beachcomber, there were three downtown alleys, two near PCH in the central city and one in Northtown."

Never heard about the "Beachcomber Bowl" before! Anybody here got anything on it?

In the meantime, we break for this little commercial:


And do not forget to visit the Covina Bowl, kids,, the last A-frame bowling alley in the Southland still standing!:

Should you be disappointed by its interior, drop in at the nearby Clearman's Northwoods Inn, the largest of its kind, and the last with the customary nude paintings - now relegated to the back rooms


Wow Sven, I didn't know the A Frame at Covina Bowl was still going strong, I need to check it out!

My mother was in a bowling league at Java Lanes and I'd tag along sometimes. It was a big place! I was only about 10 years old and it turned out to be a pretty boring two hours at times. So I'd wander around and look into the dark lounge. I wondered why people were in there drinking at 11am in the morning...I knew they weren't drinking a Roy Rogers like I was. I'd look into the East Indies Room, the restaurant and the nursery. And 30 minutes later, I'd do it again. I'm sure the patrons in the bar wondered who the little kid was that keep looking in at them...

Here's a couple of Java items I was able to find.

Breakfast menu with the same drawing of the A Frame entrance that Sven posted....

Close up view...

And a East Indies Room ashtray from TikiShaker which he was selling at the International Tiki Marketplace last month...

Welll, it's going, but not going strong...as I hinted there is next to nothing left of the original decor:

Not Tiki in concept, it was nevertheless "exotic" in theme: Above you see the "Egyptian" and the "Pyramid Room" with some cool mural figures that are long gone.

The coffee shop is closed...

...but the urban archeologist finds these original signs left that give you an idea of the brass murals:

The coolest thing is really that A-frame with its folded-plate porte cochere..

...and the textured concrete tile wall by the entrance:

Oh, and the fact that, though obviously updated with a new-ish sign, the hair salon has kept the old concept name :)

Now...are you gonna find out about the Beachcomber Bowl ? :D

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Nothing on the Beachcomber Bowl yet but there is some good stuff on Flickr like this -
Last day at Java Lanes.


Saw that "Beachcomber" lanes listed in Long Beach as well...I guess it's back to searching the old phone books at the public library!


Haven't had a chance to check out Covina Bowl as yet but I did find a nice ashtray...

Ah think I died and gone to heaven!:

Aaaaaaah! Holy A-frame!

To be found here:


(Thank You Boris - and Chris!)

Very cool, a bowling alley exhibit!


WOW SVEN!!!! This A Frame loves that A Frame!! First I've heard of the remarkable "Room of the Three Goddesses", what a find!


Wow, that Java Lanes rendering is a beauty. Wish we could come down for the exhibition.

I've been meaning to post some old pics from the Java Lanes. Here's some from 2001 (it was after dark, so not much to see outside)...

Some more pics from a visit in 2004.

This happened to be with 2/3 of the Japanese band, the Mighty Moguls, who were visiting CA. They are "doing the A frame" - it's the latest craze.

My advice when you're in a midcentury bowling establishment: remember to look down. Here's the Java's great spacey carpet.

Dunno who the guy is, we just happened to chat with him a little in this booth.

Rock wall behind the little stage area.

Also, maybe diverging from the topic a little, thanks Sven for posting earlier about the Covina Bowl still being around. That triggered us to visit last Dec, so here's some quick pics from that visit.

That fantastic sign is still there too.

Those tiles continue on the inside too, here by the entrance to the Pyramid Room

Another shot of the coffee shop and the two signs pointing the way

Plus if you're in the area, you can't miss some of the other cultural fun. Common for socal people, but fun sights for googie watchers.

The North Woods Inn that bigbro mentioned

Just up the road, a great dine-o-round Norms

Winchells too!


Great photos, Randy. We have to enjoy and appreciate the few Googie structures still left to us!

I picked up another matchbook variety from Java Lanes and the East Indies Room.

And, a few newspaper ads that A-Frame sent me from the Long Beach library archives.



Very nice, thanks King!

A nice photo from the Historical Society of Long Beach showing the A-Frame, sign, and a cool Googie style motel in the background.

You can buy this print from the Historical Society website.


Yes, great classic photo. Got the classic cars and oil wells across the street where condos (or something like that) are now.

Rusty Warren appearance at Java Lanes


Can't remember where I saw this, but it's a nice 1970's photo of PCH just before it crests at Loma Ave and wouldn't you know it...

You can see that classic Java Lanes entry too!

Sadly, here's the current view...

I live in Long Beach, not far from where Java Lanes used to be...and this popped up on that Next Door website today. I'm copying and pasting because Next Door guidelines usually won't let you see content unless you belong to Next Door and are in their 'neighborhood area". The add doesn't list any contact info, but if anyone here is interested I'd be happy to message the seller your contact info via Next Door.

"If you are a bowler and remember Java lanes back in the day it was the place to bowl. We have the original sign that was on top of the giant marquee. We are doing a home remodel and the sign the longer goes with our Decour. Our loss is your gain. This will go fast so make an offer."


AWESOME! I hope somebody saves the sign. Thanks for posting this.
Although I must say, its sure different from the sign that was at the top with the torches. The actual light box is a different thickness, size and had contoured ends. The panel and font look good though. Maybe this was redone at sometime or was a sign that came off the wall of the building somewhere.
Either way it's really cool and probably looks great all lit up!

Thanks, TabooDan

I just checked the listing, the Java Lanes sign is now showing as sold, hope it went somewhere awesome.


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