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The Kahlua Hut , Hyattsville, MD (restaurant)

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Name:The Kahlua Hut
Street:1812 East-West Highway

a little-known / short-lived restaurant that produced some desirable tiki mugs during its run. best remembered by this mug - courtesy TikiPhil

TikiPhil spoke with an ebay auctioneer and they claimed that

On 2007-01-30 21:55, TikiPhil wrote:
I just remember there was a place on the corner of Riggs and Ager Roads called the Kahlua Hut for a few years (about 1974??) and before that it was Jones Ice Cream Parlor (it may have been something else in between). It's in Hyattsville or Green Meadows depending on where you're coming from. It's not there anymore, of course!

based on the evidence that it was Jones Ice Cream Parlor and is now a bakery, at that intersection the address should have been 1812 East-West Hwy, Hyattsville, MD 20783, if we assume that the Kahlua Hut and the Outrigger were the same location with different names.

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This is arguably one of the strangest vintage mugs out there. The face is so pronounced, one wonders what it is based on. Maybe this naive rendering for the menu cover:

I always dig it when people incorporate Tikis into a fictional coat of arms :)

Someone just won this menu of e-bay for 20.- bucks…

…I hope it was someone who also owns the mug.

kind of a "derp" moment, but i realized that the address for the Outrigger matches one of the potential addresses for the Kahula Hut based on this matchbook courtesy Dustycajun, so i think we can assume they were the same establishment run under sequentially different names:



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On 2014-01-03 10:06, bigbrotiki wrote:

Someone just won this menu of e-bay for 20.- bucks…
…I hope it was someone who also owns the mug.

That would be me, and yes I own that crazy mug. The funny thing about the menu is that the souvenir mug that is shown on the inside of the menu is NOT the strange one. Go figure.


I just picked up 17 of them green Kahlua hut mugs from a guy here in Md. His mom apparently loved tiki and especially that mug!. I'll be posting pictures as soon as I get them over to my computer. Anybody who wants one let me know- I don't want to sell any, just trade for other mugs or anything cool and tiki.


Uh, yeah.....I'd kinda like to have one!!!

On 2017-06-25 20:08, Staredge wrote:
Uh, yeah.....I'd kinda like to have one!!!

Cool- you can PM me - I'm in Gaithersburg, so we could meet up somewhere nearby. Mugs, carved tikis, or velvet paintings are all good for trade!

Wow!! What a cool and unconventional looking mug!

Nice score. Wish that I had something trade-worthy...

Trade worthy is pretty much any signed mug from a vintage or current Tiki bar that I don't already have. Doesn't have to be especially rare.

Just scored the green mug pictured in the first post. This sub-forum is my favorite part of this website.

Driving by the old location of the Kahlua Hut in Hyattsville Maryland (it's a bakery now) led me down the rabbit hole to discover a bit more about the place and its unique tiki mug. mytiki.life has a great write-up (https://mytiki.life/tiki-bars/kahlua-hut). Additionally, I found an old newspaper ad plus a couple of photos of the owners, Cylde "Jake" and Josephine "Mama Jo" Tavenner. Mahalo!

Kahlua Hut 1970 Wash Post Ad

2 Mama Jo and Pop

8 Tavenners

4 Kahula Drinks

10 Property 2023

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