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Seven Tiki Tropical Rum

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Any reviews?
I checked, but didn't see any.

The Tiki face is symmetrical, but not particularly Tiki.
I do like the Polynesian tribal motif wrapper.

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Not great, but I do use it in 1 drink. It does mix ok, you would not want to drink it as pictured. I would maybe put it on par with Bacardi, but it does have a bit more flavor.

For the price it is worth checking out for yourself though.

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An upgrade from Bacardi, but still a basic mixing rum. I tend to carry it in my bar at home.

Better than typical Bacardi-brand products. Judged more harshly by cocktail aficionados than by the public at large. I have found that the ordinary man-on-the-street tends to describe this product as smooth and having a pleasant/good flavor with very distinct notes of vanilla.

I have it in my bar, but I have never used it in cocktails. I share it, neat, with others who may be itching to "try something new" and it is well-received. I personally rate it higher than a number of the other popular spiced rums out there, and therefore don't bash it.

Their logo and backstory is pretty cool, and it has been discussed in a number of places on TC. It's called "Seven Tiki" and not "Seven Rum" as the current title of this thread indicates. Perhaps your search term was missing the word "tiki?"

CORRECTION/EDIT: I saw a few minutes later that this thread title was changed/corrected to "Seven Tiki Rum."

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And yes, the bottle is very nice. Bacardi did a lot of things right when they launched this product. Shelf-appeal is very high.

FYI...it's also a spiced rum (the rest in the picture are not)


On 2014-01-29 16:50, christiki295 wrote:
Any reviews?
I checked, but didn't see any.


Some reviews here:
Seven Tiki Rum from Fiji via Australia

Wehere did you have the flight?

I forbid you all from drinking this varnish, but it is good for cleaning motors.

Hahahaha, ATP... You just can't give Bacardi a break for trying, huh? :)

Hello, I've been away for a while. While re-stocking my bar, I found a bottle of the Seven Tiki [7 Tiki] Spiced Rum. I realize it has little to do with our true Tiki sensibilities, but dang it, there is nothing at all in central Louisiana. So I've experimented with a small amount over ice, and was surprised. It is milder, smoother and more aromatic than I expected. I might never buy it again, but I thought I'd get my feet wet.

This rum has been discontinued. I did a little digging but have not yet found a reason.

One local tiki bar owner has been telling people that "Disney bought it" but I have not yet been able to find anything online one way or the other for why this was discontinued.

Yes -- it was a Bacardi product. Yes -- lots of people bashed it for that reason. It was one of a small number of products that Bacardi produced that I tasted, enjoyed, and thought worth buying. Then, when I was looking for some details on why it was discontinued, I ran into the details below on the Forbidden Island web site's "premium rums 2.0" list:


7-Tiki Spiced Rum $8

GOLD MEDAL 2009 MINISTRY OF RUM TASTING AND COMPETITION. Polynesian sugar cane, mellow spices, create a full bodied, yet smooth premium rum.


If you have more info, please feel free to post details here.

I have one bottle, have never really used it because I'm not in the habit of using pre-made spiced rums, but definitely came to the conclusion that it was a very good and smooth drinking experience. The "Bacardi negative factor" did color my thinking, and I never really embraced it in my bar, so it has sat gathering dust. Now it has joined the ranks of a number of other discontinued rums in my collection.


Funny you bring this up, and looking at my old reply, because I definitely wouldn't stock this in my bar anymore. :lol: Interesting note regarding Disney, but I'd imagine it wasn't a giant seller plus Bacardi has their Oakheart rum for spiced. I know that, speaking of Disney, Trader Sam's dropped the rum years ago and just hold onto Sailor Jerry's which is behind the bar anyway.

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