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Tonga Hut Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Tonga Hut Palm Springs
Street:254 N. Palm Canyon Drive
City:Palm Springs

Tonga Hut Palm Springs a combination restaurant/bar that is decorated in tiki/modern themes.

For over 55 years, the Tonga Hut has been a fixture in Los Angeles and the Palm Springs location has all of the Tonga Hut charm with a Palm Springs Modernism flair.

The restaurant serves classic Polynesian/Cantonese/American food, like you might have found at Don the Beachcomber in the Rat Pack days of old Palm Canyon Drive.

The drink list is an impressive mix of classic tiki cocktails and Tonga Hut originals. This place is a delight for Tonga Hut regulars and new adventurers alike. A welcome addition to Palm Springs.

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I had dinner there Saturday night and it was a wonderful experience. Chef Sherman's menu is diverse and the food is excellent. Same goes for Marie's cocktail menu. The decor is classic Tiki and the service was attentive. Perfect place to take your Sweetie for Valentines Day

Good News indeed, bringing the Tiki back to Palm Springs!

Tonga Hut in Palm Springs is Tiki-licious! Amazing artwork and attention to every detail from the floor to ceiling, inside and out.
This little bar is packed with hip tiki realness from the front door to the balcony. Special thanks to Eric for his contributions to this oasis in the desert.
Also, the Kirby map on the terrace is a must see!


I was fortunate enough to run into Amy on Tuesday just as she was about to drive to LA. What a great job you and your staff did on your new Tiki lounge. I loved everything about it. Gorgeous, absolutely stunning.i can't wait to come back.
Okole Maluna Amy,
Reggie :drink:

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Where are all the pics?????????????

zond2 posted on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 9:13 PM

I wanted to snap some but to do the AWESOME decor justice I would of had to of arranged for some time apart from normal business hours to get them. Amy and her crew have been MEGA-busy and I definitely don't have the sort of relationship w /her to even propose that sort of imposition on her and her staff.

I'll post some tomorrow

Tonga Hut Palm Springs pics from February visit. I can't wait to go back.


hahaha the sign says Pu Pu


I visited this place last Saturday night for the first time and had dinner there with my family and friends at 5:00. (in time for happy hour :) ) The food and drinks were awesome as I expected. I was also blown away by the service, equally as impressive. The entire staff was just great. Queen K (whom I do not know as I don't frequent many tiki events) even checked on us while walking by our table and even made a special juice tiki drink for my toddler daughter.

I was able to sneak out later that evening for a few more drinks and was glad I did. The Smokin Menehunes just happened to be playing that night! Catching their act in that setting was just out of sight. They were the perfect addition for that finely crafted tiki establishment.

Tonga Hut Palm Springs is doing it right 100%.

Thank you to the ownership, management, staff and collaborators.



just had Brunch here on Saturday what an awesome time with great food!!!!! highly recommended!!!!


We visited the Tonga Hut II two weeks ago. The drinks were great thanks to Marie King's instructed bar staff. Food was just ok and felt the quality needed to be better based upon the price point charged. Would agree with others service was very good. Lighting in the interior dinning area was way too dark. Realize the TH II has only be open a short time & wish them success at the new location.

Anyone know, Was that the old kickstand cafe?

Hi it was the old saint hames place but nothing there for 7 years


So, given that they serve food, there's a legit dining area? Like, as in I could take my wife + infant there? :)

Yes definitely kklocka. There is a beautiful intimate dining room with about 7 tables. Also tables on the patio depending on the weather.

Just took some quick pix from my room in Palm Springs.
From the poolside balcony

From the front door


On 2014-06-01 22:24, kkocka wrote:
So, given that they serve food, there's a legit dining area? Like, as in I could take my wife + infant there? :)

YES YES YES!!! food was reasonably priced and delicious, nice booth intimate seating, you and your wife and little one will love it!!! One of my new favorite restaurants !!!!!!!! A+++++++

Had a great time with my Tiki Queen at the hut. Miles was behind the bar and Jeremy also stopped by for a chat. Our lucky night- drinks were half price all night so I was pretty much snockered on the way across the street to the Hyatt. Miles makes a killa Reverb Crash! One of the drinks CeCe had was a creation by Miles. He calls it a Chocolate Tai. Sounds doubtful but it’s delicious if you’re a chocophile. 1rst pic is Miles . 2nd is the Chocolate Tai. Last is MDM’s creation at the foot of the stairwell leading to the hut. Very nice Mike!

Very disappointed that the hut was closed yesterday. Their website and the recording on their landline both left me somewhat confused about their summer hours of operation. We showed up this evening and they were locked up tight. Good thing I had my traveling tiki bar with me so I could drown my sorrows.
Btw Mike, one of da wahines has slipped a disc or sometin and needs some aid from you.
The whole assemblage is still amazing though.

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