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Longitude, Oakland, CA (bar)

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Street:347 14th Street
Phone:510 465 2008
Status: Closed Spring 2017. The Kon-Tiki opening in same location November 2017.

New Tiki Bar in Oakland, run by Suzanne Long formerly of Forbidden Island and with interior design by Bamboo Ben.

Web site at http://longitudeoakland.com/

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Really cool place. Great vibe, very classy. Sort of African/Dutch East India Trading Co./Colonial/Exotic feel. Great drinks of course, and good music!

Every once in a while I have to veer off the (tiki) course and do different things. It was a blast working on Longitude making the Mud Hut and the other fixins.
I have a bunch of pics over on Face Book of the build and will post here some day. My sound track for this was Fela Kuti. Also Suzanne was an awesome safari guide!

My wife's mom lives in Oakland and the last time we were out there I hoped to take them there based on the pre-opening publicity. Unfortunately, this was at the time of the Ferguson verdict riots so we decided to avoid going into downtown Oakland. But then I saw reviews online that said the food was terrible. It sounded like everything was dripping with grease and/or saturated with sugar. However, the reviewers agreed it was a great place for drinks.

Has anybody here on Tiki Central tried it yet?

Is there some sort of secret federal law that requires all Tiki bars -- including Trader Vic's -- must serve bad food? (We only go to the Trader's Vic's in Emeryville for drinks and appetizers because the food is so bad, and my wife's Mom grew up with Victor Bergeron!)

On 2015-01-14 15:41, Dr. Zarkov wrote:
But then I saw reviews online that said the food was terrible. It sounded like everything was dripping with grease and/or saturated with sugar.

Has anybody here on Tiki Central tried it yet?

I haven't seen those reviews, but Longitude isn't really a dinner destination. They serve bar food, mostly fried products that are expected to be some combination of greasy, salty, and sweet. I've only visited once, but we didn't have anything that I'd call terrible.

Off the top of my head, the fried spring rolls were boring, the teriyaki skewers perhaps a little sweeter than I'd make them but just fine, and the coconut shrimp and plantains were both yummy.


Aloha, Dr. Zarkov:

Where do you live? I'd love for you to come and try the food at Longitude for yourself. Some of it is fried, some of it is not, and we have a full dinner menu, which other tiki establishments in the area (with the exception of Trader Vic's) do not. Our larger dishes focus more on hearty pub food than Cantonese style dishes, so I've got a hunch you'll find the menu more to your liking.

Feel free to ask for me when you're in town, and I'll be happy to show you around the menu, and around Longitude.


Dr. Zarkov, where did you see bad online reviews regarding the food at Longitude? I looked through yelp and several other online reviews/blogs and everyone seemed pretty happy with the food.


I've had the coconut shrimp, the shepherd's pie, and the teriyaki skewers. I really liked the coconut shrimp, would order them again in a heartbeat. The shepherd's pie was very rich and filling -- I'd say it's a good choice if you have a big appetite. I honestly don't remember the teriyaki skewers, because by that time the drinks were doing what drinks do. :)

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