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Just joined the forum after weeks of perusing the posts and getting a feel for the place. You guys are a wealth of information!

I'm new to tiki in the sense that my interest was renewed just a few years ago, but I'm old enough to remember its last original glory days of the '60s. As a kid, my mom (taking her cue from my aunt, who is from Hawaii) decorated our house with beautiful teak furniture and tropical fabrics, and the back yard with tiki torches, a koi pond, butterfly chairs, tropical plants, banana trees and a plethora of bamboo accessories. I was one lucky kid.

It was inevitable that those times would creep back into my consciousness 30 years hence, and sure enough, in the mid-'90s I started acquiring Polynesian-inspired goodies of my own. Then I discovered the internet and realized how many other folks were on the same wavelength. What a great thing.

I'm working on a tiki room. My husband's a carpenter, so we're building our own tiki room/bar. This will entail our moving out of the master bedroom and into a smaller room in the back of the house and cutting a huge hunk out of an exterior wall to make room for a sliding glass door opening onto the lanai, but priorities are priorities.

As a renowned Parrothead, my kitchen and office are decked out in Caribbean, which is well and good, as long as it is kept apart from my tiki world. Les Baxter, Esquivel and Martin Denny rule the house from the hallway on back. :)

Ok, that's enough from this newbie. I just wanted to say hi from sunny and beautiful - but tiki-challenged - south Texas, and tell you how much I'm enjoying TC.

Mahalo for listening.


Aloha and welcome TikiTex! Be careful with the Parrothead talk ... JB is persona non grata around here. Martin Denny is king!


Welcome Tex! There's a few of us fellow Texans about. I'm from Dallas, and unfortunately missed Tiki the first time around since I was a child of the 80's. The good news is, these good TC folks are bringing the culture back alive in fine style. Let's compare notes... I'm still working on gathering content in my spare time for a site on Tiki in Texas and I'll love to hear your first-hand accounts. Where abouts are ya?

A Big Aloha Tiki Tex!

Welcome aboard!



Where in Tx are you? Down by Corpus?


Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm in central Texas, not far from Austin.


I'm from McKinney, TX, just north of Dallas and would be most interested in any tiki related events in the Dallas area if anyone knows of any.

Hey Reever, did you ever get your site up?


A big welcome to you! I'm originally from next door (Louisiana), but now languish in New England. Colder, but many more Tiki opportunities!


Welcome aboard TikiTex, glad to see you took the plunge.


Welcome, TikiTex! I'm making a trip up to Austin on Sept. 12; my band Clouseaux (full-on exotica stuff) is playing at Central Market, the one on North Lamar. It's an afternoon/evening outdoor show. Love to meet you there! Perhaps we could head over afterwards to the former Oceans 11 (don't remember what the new name is, but it's still tiki-fied). Downtown, corner of 8th and Red River, catty-corner to Stubb's BBQ.

So how close to Austin are you: Cedar Park or Oak Hill? Burnet? I'm a former Austin gal myself.

GECKO posted on Tue, Sep 2, 2003 1:06 AM

Howzit partna,

TikiTex, I love your story! I'm also amaze everytime I meet a wahine dat gets da husband into tiki. I always asume dat it's da man that starts the collection for some reason? But it must be great when both peopo are into it!! Such as Al & Shelly.

well have fun collecting and always live ALOHA!

Welcome!, hope that parrot head stuff won't spread!.Please forgive geckos speech problem, too many wood shavings!.We need more of that texas spirit here.

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