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LB Press Telegram highlights Tiki

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For anyone local, the Sat July 26th edition of the Long Beach Press Telegram had a decent sized article about throwing a "lei'd back" garden party... brief description of the polynesian pop culture in the 60's and 70's and describes all the fixings for a succesful tiki party. At the very end of the article, it gives props to tikinews.com, (mentions Otto by name), "The Book of Tiki" and the Tiki Ti. Located in the paper-Section R, "Homes Inside and Out". Not sure if the article is online as well. ENJOY!

Press Telegram article about tiki carver

Press Telegram: Tiki Dave Schultz


"Shultz’s wooden art pieces are displayed at the Broadway Art House, 3300 E. Broadway, where there are a large number of Tiki masks."

It does look cool. I can see it from my apartment.

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