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St Louis Art Museum: Atua 10/12 - 1/4

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hope I can take pics

I wonder how many statues are in the show. Sounds like an impressive collection.


It was very impressive. We went last weekend. Unfortunately you cannot take pictures. There were some amazing pieces on display. It kills me that the missionaries burned so much of their culture.

Are they selling the book in St Louis also?


On 2014-11-13 12:25, bigbrotiki wrote:
Are they selling the book in St Louis also?


yes, my parents bought me a copy and brought it to me as a gift...

I ordered one from Australia. It seems to be the most current word on AUTHENTIC Tiki?

Here is a link to the photo gallery of the exhibit. It looks great! http://www.stltoday.com/gallery/entertainment/arts-and-theatre/st-louis-art-museum-s-atua-explores-polynesia/collection_23afb2a5-7538-5dbd-80a8-cecdf581c7ba.html


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It also looks like they're having a Poly Pop party on November 21st.

Friday, November 21 | 6:00–9:00 pm
Lower Level | Main Building

One Friday each month, the Museum hosts SLAM Underground, a not-to-be missed event to mix, make, and move. Enjoy live music, a DIY art lab, offbeat tours, and signature cocktails from a cash bar. In November, we are celebrating Atua with Polynesia pop music, ukulele and dance lessons, tattoos, and more!

This is basically just as tropically awesome as actually going to the islands. Come dance with us!


  • Cash Bar – Mai Tai, anyone?
  • DIY Art Lab – Create a tropical coconut planter (coconuts provided)
  • Scavenger Hunt – Explore our new exhibition and collect clues for your chance to win a basket of sweet Polynesian inspired swag
  • DJ Keala Kennelly – Professional surfer, DJ, and actress from Kauai, Hawaii. Did we mention she was in Blue Crush?
  • Dance Lessons – BYO-ukulele! Join us for dance lessons (7:15 pm), then be prepared to show off your new skills in a group performance (8:30 pm).

Free, of course!


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I got in to see this today, on the very last day. It was so amazing to see these works of art from all the Polynesian islands that permeate give rise to Tiki culture. Most of the major forms were well represented, but one of the most iconic, a Ku 'Temple figure', did not make the trip to St. Louis, and stayed in Australia. There is a great picture of it on p. 156 of the catalog book though. The book is gorgeous, full of pictures, and I'd recommend it to any tikiphile. As mentioned, no phtography is allowed in the main gallery, so I brought a sketchpad and made some rough notes about a few items and some rough sketches of some patterns that I might want to refer to later. It's only a matter of time before I take the plunge and carve my first tiki. Very inspirational.


Just got the book
Amazing photos
Many I’ve never seen before

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