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New member from the Orlando area

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Aloha and greetings from sunny Central Florida! I have been a lurker for the past few years, but with the recent and upcoming expansions of Orlando's tiki scene, I decided to sign up and participate in the conversations. My real name is Chad, but I adopted Koro as my user name because of the prominence of his figure overlooking my favorite bar, Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. I am an attorney by day, but I also moonlight as a bartender at Walt Disney World's Golden Oak Club, a private club for residents of Disney's Golden Oak community. I've been bartending at Disney seasonally since 2006 and have worked at over a dozen bars across property.

I started getting into the tiki culture a few years ago while attending law school in Southern California. I watched Trader Sam's open and became a weekly regular for its first two years before moving back to Florida. I met some great people through Sam's who encouraged me in my new hobby, and I am so excited to see Orlando getting its own Trader Sam's in just a few weeks. No doubt I will meet a few of you there!


Welcome aboard dude. There's a number of tiki/Disney crossovers here, no doubt you'll figure them out. Lots of us have the Enchanted Tiki Room to thank for introducing us to the world of tiki.

If you have access to the Book of Face, the Brevard Tiki group is much more active than the Orlando community and is pretty close by. Look for a pre-Hukilau gathering soon. There is also a Florida Tiki group on FB as well.

On 2015-02-19 10:49, kkocka wrote:
Lots of us have the Enchanted Tiki Room to thank for introducing us to the world of tiki.

To thank or to curse, depending on how you look at it :wink:

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