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South London Pacific, London, United Kingdom (bar)

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Name:South London Pacific
Street:340 Kennington Road
Zip:SE11 4LO
country:United Kingdom
Phone:020 7820 9189

The South London Pacific is a 21st century Tiki Bar built off the back of the wildly successful Club Montepulciano kitch club nights. Situated in what used to be a gay pub in a rather obscure part of London, Josh Collin's Polynesian decorating skills have turned it into a Tiki heaven. The emphisis is on fun, but a hardcore Tikiphile will be entranced by the inventive Tiki-filled decor.

Cocktails are reasonably priced and inventive and there are theme nights most nights of the week. (Closed Mondays).
While it's mainly a bar, some food is now available. The SLP is the place to wear your aloha shirt, let your hair down and have a blast of an evening.

South London Pacific website: http://www.southlondonpacific.com/
(The map may well come in handy)

And some photos are available at: http://www.traderwoody.iwarp.com/photo4.html

Trader Woody


hey all
If you are ever in London check out SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC on kennington road. It's been open about 2 years. It's neo-Tiki with lots of well-done fiberglass /wood idols, Bamboo and thatching everywhere, even bamboo furniture. They've got a little dance floor, a DJ booth( where the DJ was playing pop/dance), a lower level with a foos ball table and a pinball machine. There are even 2 palm trees out front (how they survive is anyone's guess). The bartenders were great and were technically very good. Their menu had about 22 drinks incl. classics, their own mixtures, drinks with bourbon, SoCo, etc. We tried 6-7 different ones and they were all good. They served food til 9pm as well. We were in town to play a few gigs and it was the first night I had off and had time for tiki hunting. Boy am I glad I picked this place instead of the Trader Vic's at the Hilton. No slight to TV, but I've been to a few of them and they're not all that different. It reminded me of my bar (Otto's Shrunken Head NYC). I felt very comfortable there.


I had a chance to visit South London Pacific in November and also recommend it highly. Loved the decor, drinks and there was a nice vibe.

SLP posted on Thu, Mar 18, 2010 6:48 AM

Awesome video. SO SLP is once again on my list for the next time I am in London.

I'm planning a visit on April 23. :)

If I ever make it to London I want to visit this place. They have a lot more pictures of South London Pacific on their website.


Too odd not to mention... Florence of Florence and the Machine crashes a preformance at South Pacific

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