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Speedy Rest Lawn & Patio Furniture Co. , Tacoma, WA (store)

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Name:Speedy Rest Lawn & Patio Furniture Co.
Street:9835 North Lake Dr.

Speedy Rest Lawn & Patio Furniture Co. was located at 9835 North Lake Dr. They specialized in portable snack or beverage bars with old Hawaiian styles or beachcomber effects. The bars cost $60 & up. They also sold realistic palms 3-9 feet tall.

A South Seas theme has been used to decorate this room in the Lake City home of Gordon and Peggy Rupe. The bar is a "Hoola Hut" designed by Speedy Rest Furniture Co. Two stools stand before the bar. The room is filled with tropical foliage, palm trees and jungle island inspired decorations. Beaded curtains frame the picture.

The picture is from the Tacoma Public Library photo archives. It's dated 10-05-1959. That is all I can find on Speedy Rest Furniture Company.

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