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Tiki Wood Stove

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Okay... I grant you that this is not meant to be a tiki stove, but just look at this thing!

It's described in the original Remodelista piece as "a Scandinavian woodstove," but my first thought was it's a moai/suffering bastard mash-up. I guess we see what we want to see.

Ha ha ha. Cool. We have one of those in our yurt! It's a Jotul Combifire (wood or coal) from the 70s. :)

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Looks tiki to me.


Yeah it's a Jotul. I always assumed they designed them that way on purpose. I have always seen them referred to as 'tiki stoves'. They pop up on Craigslist often; a nice one can be expensive.

I believe that one is a Combifire #4, which has the taller, skinnier moai-ish look. Ours is a Combifire #1--shorter and squatter. Kind of a chubby little tiki :)


That thing is too cool

I know this is an Old thread..

Ever hear of wood stove / fireplace called Glo Fire
out of Hartford CT
Elisnore California

Looks just like this one not a Jotul


Although I've no advice on the stove topic, the tiki appearance of this stove reminded me of this find I came across recently. What would you guess it is? It is nothing stove or indoors related.....


Omigosh! There's one for sale next town over! Problem is, I would have nowhere to put it ;_;

Edit: Aaand it's already sold. Dang.

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