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Mail Order mug rant

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So I ordered the Trader Vic's suffering bastard(squatting tiki) decanter online from a company called Double Crown Records(http://www.dblcrown.com).

I received it very quickly in the mail, but my first suspicion of tinkling in the box was correct when I found that he was quite badly broken. Upon closer inspection, I also found that they had actually sent me the suffering bastard mug, instead of the decanter which I was charged for.

I understand that people make mistakes(I actually run a mail order department myself) but broken AND the wrong item? That's pretty bad.

Well I've sent them an e-mail and will hopefully be able to have it replaced/exchanged.(don't mind shipping the bits back) They seem to be well organized, and I'm willing to give them another chance.


Well tickle my feathers and spank me silly!

Not 5 minutes after sending them the e-mail they responded saying that they'd send the decanter. I just love great service!

And I was going to drown my sorrows in a Mai Tai.
Ah well, now I can celebrate with one!


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