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I thought it my duty to let you all know about this fan that we recently installed in our house. I do this because I was very pleased with it. I normally will not buy something like this without actually seeing but, this time I did. It was about $300


Now let's talk drinks!


Those blades look very nice.
I think these might be over the top.


Those tribal fan blades are wicked!!!!

By the way, there is no such thing in tiki as "over the top"



A leeetle over the top maybe, but they're bitchin' nonetheless.
I like the ones Home Depot (and maybe Lowe's?) has with the round thatch woven blades. I didn't describe them very well, but there's one at the bottom of page 32 of "Tiki Road Trip" that are very similar. They were $179 last time I checked.


Kreaky- you got ripped off! They sell those at Home Depot for 199.00.

I saw on an episode of "Surprise by Design" (one of my favorite shows) that they took basic ceiling fan blades and just painted each one to look like a green palm frond. The effect was pretty cool, and it saves money....


Yo Kreaky & RevBoo,

I just installed one of those ceiling fans in my family room over da weekend. Got an even better deal at Home Depot during their 30% off sale for $132. Woo hoo!

Rev and Sten, I had to check Home Depot again, just to see if I had missed buying the fan there. What I found at Home Depot was similar, but different. The Antigua Hampton Bay fan has the same leases as blades, but the hardware was totally different, did not look as beefy. It also was "Flemish Brass" versus a deep rust color. In other words, I still feel OK about spending the dough. Who would have ever thought that there could be so much discussion about fans, apparently among men?

Now, back to my drink!



By the way, I like the idea about decorating a fan and making it tiki!

All this talk about fans got me remembering that there is a fan manufacturer by the name of ALOHA fan co. The other big ones are SHI CHEN(?) and KING OF FANS. These guys make fans for everybody, name brand and others. The big guys have the fans built to their specs, so no, not all fans are created equal. More useless info for y'all.

On 2003-08-11 22:01, Kreaky Tiki wrote:
Who would have ever thought that there could be so much discussion about fans, apparently among men?

Now, back to my drink!



No kidding, man!

It took me months to convince T that we needed a ceiling fan in the Stentiki Room! No air conditioning usually needed at the beach, but it still gets hot in the dawg days of August.



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I really don't have the room for a tiki / tropical style ceiling fan at the moment, but I saw a really neat "sideways" fan a while back that had a very Polyneisan or tropical look.

Two sets of large blades (appeared to be made of some kind of white cotton material) fanned outwards, as opposed to straight down.
Hard to describe...very, very cool.

But both fans pictured here were very neat indeed.

They use those fans in the Mai-Tai Bar in Daytona Beach. Very Nice. I tikied-up an existing ceiling fan in my house by installing a small globe light kit and putting a split rattan lamp shade over it. I found the lamp shade at a thrift store.Dangling from the two chain pulls are a pair of small coco joe-type tikis. I got those from some key chains I bought at a surf shop. To keep the globe dim, I used a regular size night light bulb that is only 7 watts. Looks pretty good and I only spent about $20 on it.


I ran across this today:


Ah yes....that last one is a nice outdoor fan. I had a similar one in my outside patio and during a 40-50 mph wind storm two blades got ripped off. The fan is now adorning moondog426's inside Tiki bar with all blades back intact and it looks great.

The first fan posted in this thread is wonderful, I have a similar one in my Tiki lounge, one in my living room, and one in my master bedroom...great fans...good airflow and reduces the amount of air-conditioning usage.

I have previously made plain fan blades into large banana leaves by gluing artificial leaves on the blades and painting them....they turned out great and lots of people wanted that fan...as Martha would say "it's a good thing."

On 2008-07-03 16:51, VampiressRN wrote:
I have previously made plain fan blades into large banana leaves by gluing artificial leaves on the blades and painting them....they turned out great and lots of people wanted that fan...as Martha would say "it's a good thing."

You should add that idea to the "Tiki on the Cheap" thread.

Will do...thanks for the suggestion. :)

blue07 posted on Sat, Mar 7, 2009 3:42 AM

Tropical ceiling fans are big right now for their cool, relaxing style and chic rattan blades. New contemporary ceiling fans are also making a splash with a good view like that... For more info just go here but i know this much cheaper than other ceiling fan industry...

Fanimation Ceiling Fans

teaKEY posted on Sat, Mar 7, 2009 7:40 PM

I just bought a traditional fan at home depot but noticed a great nautical ceiling fan. I think it even had rope wrapped around it but I don't see it on their website. It was new and a lot more money.

This one is cool though.

or another

Ten Freaky Girls Inside the Chin Tiki

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Tropical ceiling fans are big right now for their cool, relaxing style and chic rattan blades. New contemporary ceiling fans are also making a splash with a good view like that...

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I took a $30 Walmart fan, spray painted it copper, stenciled tikis on the blades, and netted a glass ball painted with "Gallery Glass Window Color" paint (Michael's Crafts) - Total cost, about $40. Yellow wasn't my favorite color, but being outside it is supposed to keep bugs away better.

Zeta posted on Fri, Mar 27, 2009 1:54 PM

Fan of tiki fans.


My favorite Tiki Fan is manufactured by Monte Carlo. It's called the Mandalay model. Super quiet, super efficient, and totally tiki!



Reviving an old thread.

Any current recommendations for an indoor ceiling fan? I love the look of the Monte Carlo Mandalay but it appears it was discontinued awhile ago. I would prefer a fan with light.

Some examples i found so far:


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Those are sleek looking! You can do a search for "palm leaf blades" for a more rustic look - I have one. Then I also have one with a huge spread - something like 60" which uses a dark natural wood for the blades. The light portion is too modern for tiki, but it can be adapted for other fixtures for a "blended" solution. Not an ideal answer, but a starting point because the "palm leaf blades" search will bring up a number of other designs and manufactures from which you can branch out and continue your search.


Check out what Prikli Pear did with the light.


Thanks for the shout-out, Jefe! I have discovered in recent years (because of a move) that ceiling fans are very much like clothing or new cars--existing models are only produced for a few years then discontinued. Hampton Bay, Hunter, Harbor Breeze and the other big companies sell through all the big box stores, but will tweak the designs so that each one has an "exclusive" to offer. Mine's a Harbor Breeze 52" Waveport, bought from Lowe's, but Home Depot has something very similar at a comparable price point.


If you find a really cool fan online that's out of production, normally you're SOL. I got lucky on a fan for my office, because it had only just gone out of production last year, and I found it on a remaindered/clearance site for half it's original retail price. But several other fans I'd wanted prior to that one were long gone. Likewise, the links to ceiling fans on the first page of this thread are dead. They don't stick around long.

Since my tiki build is an outdoor covered patio, I was restricted to damp- or wet-rated fans. The Wife liked the faux leaves better than the faux-wicker blades, so this is the one we went with. Nautical-styled fans are very common now as well. Outdoor fans can be used indoors, but indoor fans aren't durable enough for exposure to the elements.

Some fans come with lighting fixtures. Others can accept aftermarket lights if you buy without. I assume there are some that can't take added lights, but I've never looked at those. Mine came with a bulky and boring lighting fixture. I came up with this shade/cover to better tikify it. Hanging float lamps would probably be the easiest to retrofit if your ceiling fan doesn't come with a light fixture. I saw someone do that farther up the thread. Red won't attract insects, and green doesn't attract many.

Amazingly, that bamboo-styled tiki fan Phil links to at the top of this page is still produced! That it's been available since 2008 is an eternity in ceiling fan years. That $329 price tag is a bit out of my budget, though.


Of course, if you're really hard core, you could put something like this together:


Thanks for the responses / information.

I am really enamored with the sleek, distressed koa finished fan. The features are also hard to beat at just under $200 (dimmable light, remote control and wobble free - if there is such a thing).


AceExplorer - The leaf designs are also very cool and fit the look I am going for. I will do some additional searches.

El Jefe - Thanks for the link

Prikli Pear - I love the design around the light. Nice work indeed. $329 for the earlier linked fan is out of my price range as well.



Am I cheating? $30 fan from the resale shop, $15 blades from the internets. $15 worth of primer and black crackle spray paint. $60 tropical ceiling fan. Some wobble.

In motion - https://youtu.be/J5toB1AwKe4 (sorry for the weird background noises)


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Very nice.

It's not cheating, it's scoring! Nice get, that one. If the wobble gets too much, there are fan balancing kits available. My office fan came with one, but I haven't had to use it. The instructions for my patio fans suggest swapping blades from one side to the other to balance out wobbles. Not sure how effective that'd be, but there it is.


Prikli, Beyer -

Thanks much. When we started this project we wanted not only to save money, but to also look like we were intentionally repurposing items for the project. 1950s beach shack was the goal, and I don't think many of them had $400 fans in them. We'll admit that this was an absolute steal, but it goes with the overall theme of the Hut.

Will post more as topics allow -


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