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Left message for management of Taboo Cove/Venus Lounge

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Hi all,

Please allow me one last rant (I promise). I hope that you are not irritated, but I took the liberty of calling the Venus Lounge/Taboo Cove this morning to leave a message. I'm a social worker, and I tend to be an advocate, which can piss some people off at times. I was inspired by one of the responses to my long, previous post. Someone asked if we knew who the owners/managers for these establishements were, and suggested that we become more pro-active in alerting them to the potential of Taboo Cove/Venus Lounge. For those of a more cynical nature who responded to my original post, take a breath. I don't plan on harping about this particular topic anymore. Yes, it's become tired for some, especially those who were NOT ignorant to the original Yahoo group. At any rate, I didn't feel I did enough by just posting here. It's great to commiserate with each other on this forum, but it's not really going to help if our thoughts are not known, regardless of how trivial they may seem to others. So, being optimistic, I called and left a message giving a Cliff Notes version of my experience of two weeks ago. I reminded them that no one responded to my original call. I also highly recommended that if there is someone there who really cares about these places he/she should visit this website (I gave the address) and read our thoughts on the subject. Okay, I AM aware that they might just listen to my rambling message and think I'm an ass*@#*. I'm also aware that they made changes to boost business, but I DO believe that ample time was not given with the original vision to see if it would succeed-especially post 9-11. Let me end by saying I was even more inspired to call after revisiting the website for Taboo Cove/Venus Lounge and reading Bosko's original intent/vision. If these places are indeed doomed, is there ANY chance that we could all plan one last shindig there where they would allow us to do it OUR way, the way it was meant to be(deluded thinking or not)....a way that may attract curious onlookers who say, "Wow, this is different and fun" or "This takes me back to my youth."...or a way that leaves the monkey suited management scratching their heads thinking "These freaks are on to something!" Okay, I don't think we're freaks (though I may be), but we are different in one respect, and that's why we're here. I will really end this now, for I DO actually work and talk about other things, but do yourself a favor and read what Bosko envisioned - get inspired and maybe leave them your own message (702-414-4870). Maybe see ya all in Vegas??? Time will tell. Tikitommy.

Way to go, Tiki Tommy, just because of me having accquired a more pragmatic attitude from years of facing ignorance and witnessing Tiki Temples go down, it does not mean that others can not act upon their frustrations.
I know that lots of Tiki Central Taboo Cove explorers have expressed their dismay about the place to the employees when visiting, but I doubt that that ever gets through to the management.

Tiki Tommy (and everyone else):

Thanks for doing this, and thanks for posting. Please don't feel like you have to be short becuase of other people's comments about the subject being beaten to death.

Tiki Central is getting bigger and topics will come up again and again. But the format of this forum makes it easy for people who have discussed it before or who have no interest in it to skip over it.

That being said, there's nothing inheirently wrong with someone posting that it has been discussed before and a search may reveal more light on the subject.

Tiki Central is all about discussion. Freel free to continue to discuss.


Hear Hear!

I don't see any problem at all with topics cropping up that have already been discussed. Inevitably these topics are seen through new eyes they throw up new angles. Even long-time Tiki Centralites may have something new to offer and may have even changed their views on a subject.

This Taboo Cove discussion has been a prime example of an old topic made intresting again. If you feel it's something that really has been done to death.....just skip over it.

Trader Woody

Tiki Tommy, you've certainly nothing to apologize for. I think your instincts were right to contact management AND continue the discussion here. I am glad you did it. I sure hope they will log in here and be convinced to reorient their approach. We're not asking for much!

Does anyone know how to start one of those online petitions? I am sure we could get Modcommers and Yahoo Progress City folks, etc. to sign up...

If you want an online one I can whip it up here....

what would we be looking for? Firt name, last name, and email address? real address?

The other thing we could do is organize a tiki central event there to show them our love... If we get them to give us control of the CD player... and ask them to go heavy on the booze it will be a great night!

Let me know about the petition!


There is an online site (www.petitiononline.com) where anyone can whip up a petition about anything. I don't know if it would be the best route in this case, but I'd thought I'd throw it out for consideration.

Have a good one!

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