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I ran out of space here at the top, will add new Swaps at the bottom

Tiki Art Swap July 2019

MaukaHale :up: swaps with AnthonyMaye :down:

Hang10Tiki :up: swaps with JoshuaBell :down:

MadDogMike :up: swaps with Danlovestikis :down:

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2018 "Dream Tiki"

danlovestikis (above) swaps with Cy (below)

TikiAno (above) swaps with Hamo (below)

MaukaHale (above) swaps with TikiTube (below)

MadDogMike (above) swaps with Hang10Tiki (below)

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100 Years of Stephen Crane July 2017

Joshua Bell (above) swaps with Cy (below)

Hang10Tiki (above) swaps with danlovestikis (below) (haven't you guys already swapped a hundred times? :lol: )

MaukaHale (above) swaps with Tu (below)

Traveling Jones (above) swaps with TheBigT (below)

Aloha Station (above) swaps with ZeroTiki (below)

Hiltiki (above) swaps with AnthonyMaye (below)

TikiAno (above) swaps with MadDog Mike (below)

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Maori - Aug 2016


danlovestikis (above) swapped with Erich Troudt (below)

Bone Chest Carving

Cy (above) swapped with TikiAno (below)

Hongi Tile


TU (above) swapped with AnthonyMaye
Wood Block Painting

Taurapa Mug

Kia Ora Coaster Set

In a 3 way swap, MadDogMike (above) sent to Hang10Tiki (below)

Hang10Tiki (above) sent to Will Carves (below)

Will Carves (above) sent to MadDogMike

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Seasons of Tiki – Feb 2016

AnthonyMaye (above) swapped with Cy (below)

Hang10Tiki (above) swapped with Joshua Bell (below)

TikiAno (above) swapped with LoriLovesTikis (below)

MadDogMike (above) swapped with stevekh (below)

In a 3-way swap AlohaStation (#1) sent to danlovestiki
Danlovestiki (#2) sent to TheBigT
TheBigT (#3) sent to AlohaStation

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 09:24 ]

Dream Tiki July 2018

danlovestikis (above) swaps with Cy (below)

TikiAno (above) swaps with Hamo (below)

MaukaHale (above) swaps with TikiTube (below)

MadDogMike (above) swaps with Hang10Tiki (below)

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Ladies of Tiki - Aug 2011

This was done as a Random Swap, the person you sent to was not the person who sent to you. Here were the participants and their art





Bongo Bungalo



Pikey’s Dog



[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 15:25 ]

Pele/Fire/Volcano - Aug 2012

Melekalikimaka's "Lava Falls" painting & AlohaStation's Pele carving

Traveling Jones' "Na Iwi O Pele (The Bones of Pele)" lamp & Badd Tiki's Volcano Bowl

Zero Tiki's "The Fire Bearer" painting & Artosaurus' "Pele Honua Mea" in pencil

MadDog Mike's Volcano mosaic table & Hang10Tiki's Pele/Volcano carving

Bongo Bungalow's Pele shadowbox & Tiki Skip's Fire lamp

TigerTail777's Velvet Pele & Pikey's Dog's Pele mask

Sophista-Tiki "Dusk Volcano" painting & LoriLovesTiki's "Volcano Goddess" sculpture

LittleLostTiki's "Bath in the Land of the Volcanoes" painting & WaikikianMoeKele's "Diamond Head Erupting" bead mosaic

DanLovesTikis' Pele mug & Cy's Queen Pele on glass

BB Moondog's Monkeypod bowl painting & AnthonyMaye's "Sons of Pele" helmet

[ Edited by: maddogmike 2016-03-10 14:33 ]

Sea Creatures of the South Pacific - Mar 2013

This was a Secret Swap, you did not know what you were getting until it showed up in your mail. It would be difficult to track down who got what, so here are the Swap pieces

“Sea Anemone Container” by AlohaStation ~ Florida

"Humuhumunukunukapua'a's Last Night Out" by AnthonyMaye ~ NorCal

“Fishsticks” by Cy (on the right) ~ Oregon

“Deep Sea Fishing” by DanLovesTikis ~ NorCal

"Maori Maul” by Hale Tiki ~ Pittsburgh

“The Honu” by Hang10Tiki ~ Las Vegas

“Honu Platter” by LoriLovesTiki ~ New Jersey

“Black Powder Keg” by MadDogMike ~ SoCal

“Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake’s Fang”

“Dragonfish” by Melekalikimaka ~ SoCal

“Sea Creatures of the South Pacific Lamp” by Pikeys Dog ~ England

“Spirit of the Reef” by Tabu ~ Ontario, Canada

“Narwhals of the North South Pacific” by TikiAno SoCal

“Sinking Moai”

“Paikea” by TikiDaye ~ Arizona

“Mermaid/Seahorse/Tangaroa Trio” by TraderTom ~ Oregon

“Mermaid’s Grotto” by WaikikianMoeKele ~ Pennsylvania

“The Submerged Collector” by ZeroTiki ~ Central Cal

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 12:44 ]

Cannibals - Aug 2013

Little Lost Tiki (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below)

LoriLovesTiki (above) swapped with TikiRootsRocka (below)

TigerTail777 (above) swapped with Tu (below)

Polynesiac (above) swapped with DanLovesTikis (below)

bbMoondog (above) swapped with Aloha Station (below)

TikiPops (above) swapped with Hang10Tiki (below)

WaikikianMoKele (above) swapped with Pikey's Dog (below)

ZeroTiki (above) swapped with TikiAno (below)

In a 3-way swap Cy (#1) sent to Traveling Jones
Traveling Jones (#2) sent to AnthonyMaye
AnthonyMaye (#3) sent to Cy


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Album Covers - Dec 2014

Cy (above) swapped with danlovestiki (below)

TikiAno (above) swapped with Sophista-Tiki (below)

MadDogMike (above) swapped with WaikikianMoeKele (below)

TigerTail (above) swapped with bb moondog (below)

TikiPops (above) swapped with Tu (below)

LoriLovesTikis (above) swapped with AnthonyMaye (below)

ZeroTiki (above) swapped with Hang10Tiki (below)

[ Edited by: maddogmike 2016-03-10 12:13 ]

Space/Alien/Robot - Aug 2014

AnthonyMaye (above) swapped with Cy (below)

Hang 10 (above) swapped with Tiki Ano (below)

Mad Dog (above) swapped with Tu (below)

Mauka Hale (above) swapped with ZeroTiki (below)

In a 3-way swap Sandra Fremgen (#1) sent to danlovestiki
danlovestiki (#2) sent to LoriLovesTikis
LoriLoveTikis sent to Sandra Fremgen

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 10:23 ]

Hawaiian Shirt – Jan 2015

Tiki G (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below)

MaukaHale (above) swapped with RVICTOR (below)

danlovestikis (above) swapped with TU (below)

TikiAno (above) swapped with Hang10Tiki (below)

Will Carve (above) swapped with Sandra Fremgen (below)

In a 3-way swap LoriLovesTiki (#1) sent to Anthony Maye
Anthony Maye (#2) sent to Cy
Cy (#3) sent to LoriLovesTiki

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 09:30 ]

Enchanted Tiki Room – Aug 2015

AnthonyMaye (above) swapped with Erich Troudt (below)

ZeroTiki (above) swapped with tikitonyd (below)

IDoVoodoo (above) swapped with Hang10Tiki (below)

danlovestikis (above) swapped with SewTiki (below)

RVICTOR (above) swapped with MaukaHale (below)

BitterFishies (above) swapped with Joshua Bell (below)

Cy (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below)

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-10 09:27 ]

Birds of the South Pacific - Sep 2010

TikiG (above) swapped with Tiki Baï (below)

Mr Pennjones (above) swapped with Amybean (below)

Tiki Lee's (above) swapped with Babalu (below)

Zerostreet (above) swapped with tikiracer (below)

Bongo Bungalow (above) swapped with beadtiki (below)

ZeroTiki (above) swapped with danlovestikis (below)

Mrs Pennjones (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below)

AlohaStation (above) swapped with WaikikianMoeKele (below)

Melekalikimaka (above) swapped with lilusako (below)

[ Edited by: maddogmike 2016-03-11 07:55 ]

Shrunken Heads & Headhunters - Apr 2010

Capn Pharaoh (above) swapped with Blisskitchen (below)

Badd Tiki (above) swapped with bb moondog (below)

Bongo Bungalow (above) swapped with Tiki 65 (below)

Artosauras (above) swapped with TikiDaye #2 (below)

Tikiville #2 (above) swapped with MP#2 (below)

TikiG (above) swapped with Amybean (below)

Ravenne (above) swapped with Travelling Jones (below)

TikiDaye (above) swapped with Little Lost Tiki (below)

Tikiville (above) swapped with Tikigodz (below)

Tikimango (above) swapped with MP (below)

Big Toe (above) swapped with Tipsy Mcstagger (below)

WaikikianMoekele (above) swapped with Zerotiki (below)

In a 3-way swap Hewey (#1) sent to Danlovestikis
Danlovestikis (#2) sent to VanTiki
Vantiki (#3) sent to Hewey


[ Edited by: maddogmike 2016-03-11 09:40 ]

Polynesian Menus - Oct 2009

Tiki Bai (No picture avail :( ) swapped with Tikiracer (below)

Sophista-tiki (above) swapped with TravellingJones (below)

Beadtiki (above) swapped with Tiki Lee's (below)

Palapala (above) swapped with Little Lost Tiki (below)

Danlovestikis (above) swapped with TikiG (below)

Artosaurus (above) swapped with 8FT Tiki (below)

MadDogMike (above) swapped Aloha Station (below)

Tobunga (above) swapped with ZeroTiki

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-11 15:08 ]

Papua New Guinea Jun 2009

Artosaurus (above) swapped with MP(below)
(no pic avail?)

Sneakytiki (above) swapped with Robb Hamel (below)

Tiki Diva Love (above) swapped with AlohaStation (below)

Queen Kamehameha (above) swapped with Tobunga (below)

Zerotiki (above) swapped with Congatiki (below)

(no pic avail?)
Meheadhunter (above) swapped with Tiki Bai (below)
(no pic avail)

Laoija (above) swapped with Tikiville (below)

Mieko (above) swapped with Tikimango (below)

Wplugger (above) swapped with MadDogMike (below)

Krisdrama (above) swapped with Leleliz (below)

Travelling Jones (above) swapped with Van Tiki (below)\

Cap’n Pharoah (above) swapped with Ravenne (below)

Palapala (above) swapped with Hewey (below)

Little Lost Tiki (above) swapped with Bongofury (below)

Nukke (above) swapped with Tiki G (below)

[ Edited by: maddogmike 2016-03-12 15:21 ]

New Zealand - Mar 2008

Benzart (above) swapped with Tamapoutini (below)

Mieko (above) swapped with Little Lost Tiki (below)

AlohaStation (above) swapped with Babalu (below)

Robin (above) swapped with Wplugger (below)

Tiki Lees (above) swapped with Sophista-tiki (below)

Flynny (above) swapped with Skinny Dog (below)

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-03-12 15:50 ]

September 2007 Nautical Tiki Swap, led by flynny

Tiki Skip's art for QueenKamehameha

Tamapoutini's art for AlohaStation

Babalu's art for Paipo

Mieko's art for Van Tiki

SneakyTiki's art for TikiSkip

WPlugger's (WillCarves) art for Babalu

Hewey's art for Flynny

QueenKamehameha's art for Otikiniko

VanTiki's art for SneakyTiki

Paipo's art for Pdrake

Pdrake's work in progress for Hewey (no finished pic)

Tiki Lee's art for Tamapoutini

AlohaStation's art for Tiki Lee's

Flynny's art for Mieko

Otikiniko's art for WPlugger (WillCarves)

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-05-13 15:53 ]

Headed off into the murky depths of Swap History. Looks like this was the very first Tiki Central Art Swap in April 2007 titled simply "Tiki Carving Swap" and led by flynny.

flynny's art for TikiLee

pdrake's art Tamapoutini (work in progress, no finished pic found)

Benzart's art for Queen Kamehameha

8ftTiki's art for SneakyTiki

Tamapoutini's arts for Flynny

Hewey's art for SCTikishack

Mieko's art for 8ft

SurfTiki's art for FreddieBallsalmic

AlohaStation's art for WPlugger (WillCarves)

Paipo's art for SurfTiki

Clydesdale's art for Benzart

AlienTiki's art for Hewey

WPlugger's art for Meiko

Queen Kamehameha's art for Paipo

TikiLee's art for pdrake

SCTikishack made something out of Mozart Pink Alabaster for Clydesdale but the pic is long gone

SneakyTiki's art for AlohaStation

FreddieBallsalmic's art for AlienTiki

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2016-05-11 15:37 ]


I'm not sure if i should be posting this comment as it's going to ruin the flow of the thread, but damn Mike, either you must have been really bored or just had a lot of spare time on your hands, because that would have taken quite a while to compile.

It's a good idea having all the swaps in the one thread and being able to see the topic and finished pieces in one post. You've done a great job putting them/this together. Good work.

Thanks Swizz, I was bored at work :lol:

Post away, I've reserved all the space I need :wink:

Oh man, my memory has failed me. It was so much fun to see what had been made in the past for swapping. Babalu's snake mug with the bird was so over the top. Thank you Mike this is a fun ride. Wendy


Mike- awesome, dats a lot o work

My iPhone sux, some of the photos show up out of order :(


I love volcanos and I just love this piece, my favorite.

cy posted on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 1:47 PM

This is fantastic MDM, great job! Fun to see some of the past participants, I had forgotten how many super artists have participated.

hewey posted on Wed, May 4, 2016 5:55 AM

That brings back some memories!

Hewey sent me links to the earliest Swaps, I just posted the results from the very first TC Swap in 2007

Thanks Mike!
What a wonderful collection of talent,brilliance,absolute cleverness,and a LOT of very special pieces!

OK, last one posted; Nautical Tiki Swap from September 2007 (page 2)

Maori Swap Aug 2016 posted


I love it!

MadDogMike I looked at every page again. It's an irresistible thread of photos. Thank you for keeping it up to date. Wendy

Mike- thanks for posting
U da man


Very cool to look back at all the art swap pieces.

Unfortunately I am moving and need to pass on a piece I received, the beautiful Na Iwi O Pele lamp made by Traveling Jones. It's a great piece and any tikiphile would be proud to own it.

So in the spirit of the swap I am having a FREE raffle.

Please go over here:

And make a post, stating why YOU think YOU deserve to win it. The best 3 answers (my choice) will get an extra chance in the drawing.

There are more details in that thread. Get those answers in soon, I want to send it off right after the holidays.

Very cool! Thanks Badd Tiki

Added the latest Swap - 100 Years of Stephen Crane


Yeah, Tikytonyd never delivered. I was fortunate in receiving a wonderful piece from a different Ohana instead, Erich Troudt.

[ Edited by: ZeroTiki 2017-08-02 09:39 ]

[ Edited by: ZeroTiki 2017-08-02 09:46 ]

Hats off to ET



I ran out of space at the top of this thread for new Swaps so I'll start adding them here to the bottom.

2020 Art Swap. Run on FaceBook since TC was dark, had 19 participants!

20 Queen K Queen Kamehameha (above) swapped with LoriLovesTikis (below) 20 Lori

20 Hang10 Hang10Tiki (above) swaps with CY (below) 20 Cy

Carin Marin-Silveira Caren Marin-Silveira (above) swaps with Mieko (below) 20 Mieko

20 AlohaStation AlohaStation (above) swaps with TikiAno (below) 20 TikiAno

20 TU TU (above) swaps with David Ray (below) 20 David Ray

20 Anthony Maye AnthonyMaye (above) swaps with MadDogMike (below) 20 Mike

20 TikiDaye TikiDaye (above) swaps with Lucky the Painproof Man (below) 20 Lucky

20 John Mumford John Mumford (above) swaps with TikiG (below) 20 Tiki G

20 John Markovich In a 3 way Swap, John Markovich (above) sent to SewTiki (below) 20 SewTiki SewTiki (above) sent to DanLovesTikis (below) 20 Wendy DanLovesTikis sent to John Markovich

2021 Art Swap was also done on Facebook since TC was still dark.

21 Wendy DanLovesTikis (above) swaps with David Ray (below) 21 David ray

21 Anthony Maye AnthonyMaye (above) swaps with TikiG (below) 21 Greg Reyes

21 David Wasserman TikiAno (above) swaps with Hang10Tiki (below) 21 Hang10

21 Maddog MadDogMike (above) swaps with CY (below) 21 CY

2022 "Oceanic Arts" Swap

Hang10Tiki (above) sends to MadDogMike (below)
MadDogMike (above) sends to Cy (below)
And Cy sends to Hang10Tiki

David Ray
David Ray (above) swaps with Hamo (below)

MaukaHale (above) swaps with Joshua Bell (below)
Joshua Bell

Tiki Ano (one of the projects above) swaps with DanLovesTikis (below)

2023 Art Swap Swap Dray1218
Dray1218 (above) swaps with MadDogMike (below)
Swap MadDogMike

Swap Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell (above) swaps with danlovestikis (below)
Swap DanLovesTikis

Swap Black Water
Black Water (above) swaps with TikiAno (below)
Swap TikiAno

Swap Hamo
Hamo (above) swaps with Anthony Maye (below)
Swap Anthony Maye

Swap Hang10Tiki
hang10tiki (above) swaps with Will carve (below) Swap Will Carve

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