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We need to get rid of our very large queen palms as they are too large to maintain and we have concerns about the surrounding hardscape. Since the palms are one of the major focal points in the yard, we would like to have the stumps carved into tikis. We'd prefer to have them carved where they stand so that we don't have to worry about securing them and anchoring them. Are there any reputable carvers out there who would take on this type of project? thanks in advance! We're in North Orange County.


I'll try to help.
Queen palm is dicey.
If it doesn't dry good it rots & falls apart.
I don't think it will last long outside
& in the ground.
If you can get it to dry & keep it that way
It could be carved.
Some carvers like Queen better than others.
Orange county, what state.

Thank you for replying! We're in Orange County, CA right off the 91 and Weir Cyn. Some years back there were a lot of tiki carvers in the San Diego area, but I'm not sure if they are still doing their thing or are willing to travel. we're hoping to coordinate the removal with the person who will be doing the carving so that they can make their recommendations on how much stump to leave on the palms that are being carved, and they can have first dibs on the palms that are being removed but not carved. The main palm is in a really tricky area for carving, so we are open to cutting down and even purchasing a tiki of higher quality wood, but need to keep in mind that we get blasted by 70 mile an hour + winds a few times a year, so anchoring would be required. How long do you think a queen palm tiki would last?

Are you on Facebook? Crazy Al Evans and Dave Schultz both live in Long Beach and carve tikis in the ground.

Yes, I'm on FB.....and I'm also in Long Beach once a week. Thanks for the names, I'll check them out!

Does anyone know how long an in-ground carved tiki made from a queen palm stump is likely to last? I realize it's not a permanent thing due to the lackluster quality of the wood, but we're hoping to get 10-15 years out of them.

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