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Washington carvers.

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Aloha Ohana! I've been searching and I'm having some trouble finding any carvers here in Washington state. Is there a treasure trove of tiki talent out there that I'm missing?

Wow those are killer!


Here ya go Tacoma's own. North 45thish.

Oh wild! I was hoping there'd be someone right here in the back yard. Thank you!


This is my latest "Lono" 54" Fir

cy posted on Tue, Feb 28, 2017 8:01 AM



Gone Tiki, that is a sweet piece! You need to start a thread in the Gallery section, or at least in the carving forum, I want to see more of your work!


4WDTiki- Checked out your work and love the style. Still collecting my 25 posts before I start blatantly bragging about my own stuff. Thanks for the look. I've got a lot of pics. I'm new to this site but tiki friends say "Go for it"


I bet you have plenty pictures.
I can tell that's not your first Tiki.
Can't wait to see'em.
What are you working on now?
Let's see what is 1/2 done.

Amazing Gone Tiki!!! And it's not "bragging", it's "sharing inspiration" :wink:


You're only up to THREE posts, we don't want to wait forever, and there's no 25 post rule, so go start your own thread!?


Bill every time we try to log on for him to try to start a new topic he can't get past the no starting a new topic until you have 25 posts screen. Did we just give up to easy? I know I've seen others start topics with only 1 post... maybe if we click on the terms link there he can bypass the 25 rule?

I thought it just came up with a reminder box to make sure the topic doesn't already exist, then it would let you make a new thread?

If all else fails you can always make 25 "I'm new to Tiki Central and really enjoy your art" posts on various threads on Creating Tiki. I'll send a message to a moderator and see what he can do

Post em


I never heard of that, but I joined last century.

What are you talking about Bill, you joined in the last millennium! :lol:

Hakalugi says there is no restriction on when you can start a new thread.

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