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Test Pilot, Santa Barbara , CA (bar)

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Name:Test Pilot
Street:211 Helena Street
City:Santa Barbara

Word on the street is that Santa Barbara's newest Tiki bar, Test Pilot, opens in about a week or so. I have not checked out the interior build yet, but the do have Facebook page. Here are a few images from Facebook.

(I spy a Latitude 20 menu and coaster!)

Will keep you posted when it opens.



So a friend of mine stopped by Test Pilot recently. From the look of the decor and all, I wouldn't say it's very well themed as a Tiki bar. It's a bit nautical with some tiki masks sprinkled about. Dunno about drink quality, etc, but will be reading up when I have the time.


Scary Larry (Bastard at Tonga Hut) went to Test Pilot a couple weeks ago and said the drinks were phenomenal.

The people that started it are craft cocktail & wine people. The initial photos of the decor I saw were horrendous and then I read an article in the Santa Barbara New Times and it was clear these people didn't have much tiki ethos. Hopefully they'll learn and step up there tiki game or crash & burn horrifically!

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