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Oh Shoot!!!

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Do any of you do recreational shooting? I am about to join a gun club in Roseville that has an indoor shooting range. I am trying to learn more about firearms for protection. I know some of you go shooting in Sacramento, so give me a shout.

Here is how they do it across the pond....HA!!!

I have. When I was in the army. Many of us owned personal firearms, but we had to keep them in our armory, locked up. After I got out, I still enjoyed shooting on federal land like the Cleveland national forest. No hunting, just target shooting. I am pretty damn good at it, but oddly, shoot left handed.

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My wife and I enjoy target shooting here in Michigan. We are lucky enough to have relatives with private land to use. We enjoy it very much.

Make Tikis Not Guns!
or is it,
Make Guns To Protect Tikis!


Zeta posted on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 10:21 PM

I used to be pro gun control... Now I understand The importance of The second ammendment.

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