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Bar Plans...can't find

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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but after searching around using the search engine I came up empty. Sorry to rehash it.

I'm going to build my own bar once I get moved into my new house, but I have been unable to find any free plans to follow. I'm not a woodworker by any means so it would definately behoove me to follow directions.

I'm guessing the basic bar construction would be a elongated box with supports and then somekind of plywood front and sides covered with decor of my choice. I'm hoping someone can direct me to some free basic plans so I can set aside the needed funds.

Thanks much folks

Check out the book "Pad-The Guide to Ultra-Living" by Matt Maranian. It has a chapter on building a home bar. I'm not a woodworker either but the plans look pretty simple to follow. Aloha!

Thanks for the book reference. I'll look that one up. I started making some initial drawings, but still have a long way to go. So far the bar is approximately 9' long. WOOHOO!!

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