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Digitally sculpted Tiki

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Willo posted on Thu, Mar 16, 2017 8:38 AM

Hi everyone! We are Willo.

This is our first sculpt: Tiki Rock Glass!

We designed and sculpted it in Zbrush, then 3D printed the master.

The master is now at a ceramic shop waiting to be produce.

Thanks for stopping by:)


That looks amazing. I love the detail.

I knew that it was just a matter of time before this tech was applied to tiki mugs.

Nice to see it done with such detail!!


Kinda reminds me of the PT Cruiser a mass produced copy of a custom car, makes it off in a way.
Has that Hasbro toy look to me.

Am sure many others will like it though.
Good luck.


@HaleTiki Thank you for the kind words:)

@CosmoReverb Thanks! Haha you were right. It's fascinating how much the 3D printing can do now.

@Tikiskip Hahaha if it can be half as popular as PT Cruiser, I'll be a super happy snowman. We are making a small run for our first design. We are brain storming new design ideas and might produce them in limited editions.
Thank you for the good luck wish. We will need it:)

Interesting, you can see a lot of work has gone into this with textures and multiple layers of foregrounds & backgrounds. Nice 3D printer resolution too. It has a bit of a Party City look and busy glaze colors would really push it in that direction. But a toffee brown or green that breaks on the high spots and pools in the low spots could look really classy


If you give it a "a Party City look" you will sell TONS of them and piss people here off.

If you give it "a toffee brown or green that breaks on the high spots and pools in the low spots could look really classy" you will make some of us here happy and sell way less.

That's kind of a joke but might just be true.

GROG posted on Fri, Mar 17, 2017 8:54 AM

Or you could do both. A couple of limited edition mugs in a brown glaze, and then maybe one in green, that'll make the traditionalists happy. And then, a big open edition that's all colorful you can sell to Party City. :D

This isn't the first digitally sculpted Tiki mug. Tiki Farm has already done some mugs sculpted digitally as well as a certain sculptor down in San Diego area.

[ Edited by: grog 2017-03-17 09:00 ]

I definitely think the one or two color glaze direction is the way to go, but I'm of the same mind as TikiSkip. I bet you'd sell more if you went all out with the colors.

Maybe make another one that's a bit less 'busy'? I really like the look of this one but it does have a lot going on.

I buy mostly old bar mugs so what I think won't help you.

But I can see these at the pool with that lady who has like 3.5 kids
that are loud as heck and she can't even hear em.

But they need to be really brightly colored and made of plastic, as her kids wreck everything.
And she doesn't even know it.

They should give us the same Valium she is on so we could hang with her kids and not even know it as well.



Thank you all for all the super helpful suggestions! I learned so much from those comments! You guys rocks!

@MadDogMike Thanks a lot man! haha the scenery of the sculpt totally suggested that. We would like to tone down that busyness with simple colors. Thank you for those great color suggestions! We need those feedback from experts like you guys.

@GROG That's a good one man! Yep! They make great stuffs! We had the honor to sculpt some of their mugs.

@HaleTiki Yes! we were originally thinking about two color(light on the high and dark in the low), but now all the experts are saying colorful party city version will sell better... We are having second thought haha.
That's great suggestion! We are currently working on our next one. It will be less busy.

@Tikiskip The kid's scenario is really funny! We are trying to make this one a bit out of ordinary, mostly the design. For color we would like to keep it traditional. In a perfect world, we would like to please everybody.
In this real world, you traditionalist are the group of people we are trying to please:) Thanks for all the feedback. Feedback from Tiki expert like you helps us a lot!

GROG posted on Thu, Mar 23, 2017 12:13 AM

I'm not sure if you've made molds yet, but be careful of undercuts and sharp edge detail. It's hard to tell just by photos, but these sections might give you molding problems depending on how many parts your mold is broken into.

[ Edited by: GROG 2017-03-23 00:16 ]


"Tiki expert like you helps us a lot!”

Well I’m no expert, just a guy with a snarky twisted view.
And one who has seen the way it goes in TC land.

Grog does know what he is talking about though.

I do wish you luck.

Willo posted on Wed, Mar 29, 2017 8:36 PM

@GROG Thanks for pointing those out! You are right, we should have put better draft on those areas. We were told by the factory that they will fix up under cut for us if they find any. It will be either 3 or 4 piece mold. This is the first time we are going through the entire process. I hope we won't lose too much detail:)

@Tikiskip Thanks man! It's nice to see you guy's post. I had to google some of the things you guy's mentioned, learned a lot:)

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