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Day of the Dead Tiki Art and Tiki Wine Corks by Jacob Medina

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To see more of my work check out my site http://www.jacobmedina.com
Mucho Mahalo for looking!

"Ouroboros Tiki Mug"

Sergeant Tiki

"Bandito Tiki" design for a friend who will do a life size carving

"Leaky Tiki" is a rum running pirate tiki whose biggest foe is that
little cork pulling crab! Framed in an ornate gold leaf molding.

"Muertos en Hawaii" even death needs a vacation! Painting comes in a custom
wood frame with blue stain.

"Model Tiki Joy Ride" Two skeleton style tikis cruise through the lush jungle of Hawaii.
This piece comes in a custom Koa frame with a cow skull detail.

A few of my hand carved tiki wine corks

I did this painting of Pu'uhonua O Honaunau for the National Park Centennial show at the Maui
Arts and Cultural Center. Click the link if you are interested in prints Mucho Mahalo!

"Tiki ukulele" acrylic painting on birch

Painting of Ku in a custom koa frame I built with sculpted tiki tiles and rope details.

"Boneyard" fuses Mexican Day of the Dead iconography with Hawaiian culture and signifies the
similarities these two cultures share through their geographic location and relationship with the
ocean. The frame is custom made from Koa with brass tacks and rope details.

Hand carved tiki wine cork

"First Round" Acrylic painting I made of a skelly style tiki mug

"Koa Warrior" Day of the Dead inspired Kamehameha.

Moai style hand carved tiki wine cork.

This tiki character is inspired by the Day of the Dead and fuses
skeletal features with tiki forms. This piece was custom made
and framed in the clients 1928 Model A Grill Shell.

Here are a few of my hand carved tiki wine corks.
I am currently making a tiki wine cork chess set.

"Lost Tiki" by Jacob Medina. I created this tiki piece by fusing skeletal features with tiki forms.
It's painted with acrylic and enamel on birch panel. The frame is custom made from reclaimed
wood from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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A nice, eclectic assortment of styles. Cool and welcome to Tiki Central

Thanks for the warm welcome Mad Dog Mike!

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