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Galleon Cave

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Introducing my little bar, the Galleon Cave.

It's namesake, the restaurant where my parents had their wedding reception back in 1972. A theme restaurant in the shape of a ship, right on the ocean at Bargara Beach in Australia. It was opened in 1969 by female entrepreneur, Pat Hansen-Woodhouse after she was inspired by the theme restaurants she visited on a trip to the US. It was the first of it's kind in Queensland.

Although it was a 20 min drive away, my family often drove out there for dinner. I have very fond memories of the place. More nautical themed than tiki but you definitely felt transported somewhere else. It had rock walls, fishing floats, fish nets filled with treasures, hanging lanterns throughout and a wooden life boat high up on one wall where the band played. Unfortunately the restaurant closed it's doors and the site was redeveloped in 2006. I'm excited though to give the name new life in the form of my own home tiki bar here in San Francisco!

Here's how the bar is looking thus far:

Plan to add more posts on this thread of pics I took throughout the various development stages and more down the track as I add additional lighting and get more stuff framed and up on the walls. Just so stoked to have the bar to this point that I had to share. :)

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You're off to a great start. Your wall look inviting.

Looks cozy. Is that an Umanoff bar?


It is! (with a Bosko Carving tied to the front!) :)

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Looking good TQ. Keep posting your progress.


Wow, looks great already. Neat back story, too. Love that peacock chair...wish I could find one in my neck of the woods.

Looking forward to seeing more.


Looking great indeed. Nice job on the walls and pulling everything together. CHEERS :drink:


Few more things up on the wall and added some greenery.

Looking good! Nice wood flooring. Keep us posted.


Here's the link to the Galleon Cave Facebook page where I have all the build pics:


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Great job all around, very cozy and inviting.


Thanks for the kind comments. :)

Here's a more recent daytime pic of "The Cave":

Still adding, moving stuff around...in need of more overhead lighting!

Looks good! I particularly like the ceiling.


Finally found the perfect bar for my little shed. :D

It was made by Lane, most likely in the mid-late 1960s (after they started making accent pieces).

Needs a little TLC to bring it back to it's former glory but for $100 it was a steal (and in stellar nick for it's age!)

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Oh, that's a good vintage find! I expect it will clean up nicely. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


Love that bamboo bar, fits perfectly in this setting.


Lighting update!

Just spent the weekend in Columbus and had the good fortune to meet Tikiskip and Barb at the Windward Passage. We had a rollicking good time drinking, dining and talking tiki. :D

Picked up a few lamps for the Galleon Cave, two of which are still on their way but managed to pack two float lights back in my carry-on.

I've admired Tikiskip's work for years and I'm so stoked to have not just one but FOUR of his lights for my little bar. I'll post more pics once the others are up.

Thanks again Skip! Hope to see you and Barb again before too long!

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What a great time.
It was wonderful to meet you, your arrival woke up all the old koots, I think Bill will still marry you if you say the word.
So let your husband know if he acts up you got options.

Don't let California take away that accent you have it's awesome.

Others have tried to buy those two basket lights but I did not sell them to them, so the aussi accent may have helped.

Your bar looks great and the stories behind the bar make it so much more.
Wish we had gone to The Grass Skirt with you but felt we may have been pushing a bit much to dominate your trip, (A little bit of Tikiskip goes a long way too)

Here's bill....
He reminds me of Maurice Chevalier, he may have reminded you of Harvey Weinstein a bit, Bill was juiced up at that point of the night.
The guy in the Yellow.

Lest you forget,
Windward Passage....


Sorry the photos are a bit blurry, but then so are most of the people at Windward Passage.


Thanks for the photos Skip! Blurry, just as I remember it. :)

Aww, I wish you guys had come with me to The Grass Skirt. Would have been way more fun with friends!


Thanks for posting the photos of the lights in your bar as well.
I sold like over 30 lights at the Hukilau one year and never saw one pic of them in somebody's bar.

Worry about the lights getting back to the home bar safely more than people know.

Can't wait to see the other two hung as well.

You did get me a bit more into making lights as I have finished two since we met.
It's been Yonks since my last light build.

Am working on a third and may need to call it the Galleon.
Or maybe the "you don't want to marry me" light This one works on so many levels.

Most of the time I am the only person who knows the names of my lights if they have one and the inside joke behind the name.

How many people do you think are looking up "yonks" right now?



Yay! Happy my visit helped kick start your lamp making again. :)

I love that you name all your lights and would be honored if you named one after the cave (or in reference to our night out!)

Ha! Yonks isn't a word I've heard in a long while!

Stay tuned for more pics of your lamps. Still eagerly awaiting their arrival.


In looking at your bar pics again I see that cool Bosko tiki you got and I don't see any lighting on or behind it.

Here is my Bosko and other United airlines tiki I have red neon behind the United airlines tiki and yellow on the front of both tiki.
This is a great way to add light and color to your bar.

I made a can light with a small juice can, that bulb is HOT I used a glass filter on this one.

It can be done with up lights or can lights, you don't have to get neon.
Note use a red / yellow bulb and take care not to use flammable gel on a hot light.
Plus bulbs can get hot so be careful not to put near flammables.

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Thanks for the lighting tips, Skip!

Once your lights are installed I'll have a good amount of overhead light. Next will be back/up lighting! Getting there. :)

See this is a style light you can use to light that tiki one from the top and one from the bottom.
One in the back?

I have even found these at thrift stores.

To get a glass filter go to hobby store and buy yellow colored glass and use that.
The stuff you use in making stained glass.
Glass no melt, glass no burn.
Halogen bulb must have a glass filter.

Maybe Santa can bring thoseā€¦.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia?



And they're up!

So glad they arrived safely. My friend did a great job packing them.

As for Thanksgiving in Australia, Skip. We have adopted the holiday here at least (been in the US over a decade now). My mother even sent us a "Thank You" card from Australia this year!

Oooh. Those look mighty pretty in the Cave. Kudos to you both!

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So you guys have "Thank You" giving?

I am thankful for you buying my lights and that they got home safely.
Bar looks great, did you get light shining on the roof through the top?

Great spot for those lights!


TQTQTQ posted on Fri, Dec 1, 2017 1:51 PM

Yeah, light shone through a little. Was a little too orange a glow on the smaller lamp so I've switched the orange bulb out for a clear amber one and it shines more onto the ceiling as well now! :D


"I've switched the orange bulb out for a clear amber one and it shines more onto the ceiling as well now!"

After you left I thought "I never showed her how to change the bulb" glad you figured it out and got to see the insides of your lights, Some of my lights have messages or cool stuff in them nobody can see.

AND it's cool that you understand that a different bulb can change your light and dial your lighting in right to where you want it, some people don't get that.

Lastly NOW is the time to stock up on different bulbs for your tiki bar needs as many times a c7 Christmas bulb is the right bulb, stock up now while they are on sale and stores are stocked up on these bulbs.

If you are in town let us know so we can meet up again.
John and Barb


Looks great, Tanya!


Thanks Prikli Pear! Was jazzed to finally get the cushions made with the vintage fabric from the 1940s that I found. Really starting to feel like the bar is in a good place. :)

Here are a couple more recent pics:


I just saw this post.
Damn it's been some time now.

Place Looks great!
My wife said "it looked like an old tiki bar picture.

It's been so long that guy Bill has passed away.

Bill was the guy who told you he did not like San Francisco because of all the hippies that were there.
We asked him the last time he was there and he said 1960! Ha!

Keep postin!


You know your bar could use some lights over the bar top, it really lights up the joint and helps ya see when making drinks.
I made ten for Amy in California (2010), and three made back in 2008 for a guy I used to know in Ohio.

Here are some ideas for lights you could make for over your bar top.

Good luck!


Hey just wanted to say hope your family and or relatives are ok in Australia as far as that huge fire goes.

Hope all is well,
Happy New Year!!


Bushfires: more than 20 homes lost as more than 70 blazes rage in Queensland and NSW


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