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Perfect Drink App (Links to Recipe Links Included)

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EDIT - HERE ARE THE LINKS TO SOME DRINKS, IF YOU HAVE THE APP YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THESE TO YOUR DEVICE. Or you can post links to drinks you have programmed and I will add them in here. The web link will display a recipe but you need to open in the app for the complete recipe. (Note that none of these are my drinks, I have found these recipes on the Web and tried to give credit to the creator. Some of these drinks were programmed into the Perfect Drink app by someone else and I just added them here)
Agrabana Grog
Agricole Guava Cooler
Ancient Mariner
Bali Bali
Banana Daiquiri
Barbadian Gin Punch
Beachbum's Own
Beachcomber's Gold
Bearded Clam
Bermuda Rum Swizzle
Big Bamboo
Blackbeard's Ghost
Black Pearl
Blood of the Kapu Tiki
Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaiian
Bushwacker 2
Cannibal Cooler
Captain Vadrna's Grog
Cargo Cult
Chief Lapu Lapu
China Clipper
Chow Chicka Bow Wow
Cobra's Fang
Coconaut Re-Entry
Corn 'n Oil
Coruba Kahlua Colada
Cuban Almond Cigar
Da Haole
Dark and Stormy
Dark Passion
Davy Jones' Locker
Day of the Dead
Donga Punch
Fog Cutter
Ghost of the Galley
Hawaiian Eye
Hawaiian Kai Treasure
Honi Honi
Hurricane (Original)
I Love Lamp
Jamaican Bobsled
JFK Daiquiri
Jungle Bird
King's Ransom
Kiwi's Nest Grog
Krakatoa Punch (without Gorilla Grog)
La Guildive
Last Rites
Last Rites Tribute
Leilani Volcano (Modified)
Mango in Havana
Mango Overboard
Mauna Kea Kiaha
Missionary's Downfall
Molokai Mike
Molokai Mule
Monkey Man
Mr Bali Hai
Murky Lagoon (Frankie's version)
Murky Lagoon (Zen Tiki version)
Naked Ape
Navy Grog
Nuclear Daiquiri
Nui Nui
Nutty Ocho Rios
Otto's Grotto
Pago Pago
Pieces of Eight
Pina Verde
Pincho's Curse
Pineapple Trainwreck
Planet of the Apes
Planter's Punch (Improved)
Polynesian Pearl
Port Light
Prince Kuhio
Puka Puka Punch
Puzzled Monkey
Rambler's Ruby
Red Light Returning
Resurrection Ship
Reverb Crash
Rum Barrel - Beachcomber's
Rum Barrel - Ports 'o Call
Rum Runner
Rum Runner 2
Samoan Fog Cutter
Scorpion Bowl - Jim Masterson's
Scorpion Bowl - Smuggler's Cove
Scorpion Bowl - Trader Vic's 1947
Scorpion Bowl - Trader Vic's 1950
Shrunken Skull
Skull & Bones
Suffering Bastard
Sugar Hill Punch
Swamp Water
Tabu Grog
Tally Me Banana
Tamarindo y Tequila
Tangaroa Cooler
Tangerine Tangaroa
Thai Sunrise
The Explorer
Three Dots & a Dash
Thurston Howl
Tiki Torch
Tiki Tree Viper
Trader Vic Grog
Tropic Meltdown
Tropical Itch
Yee Mee Loo
Yellow Submarine

More to come

Saw this posted someplace and checked it out. I liked it and bought one for $20. The Perfect Drink is a free SmartPhone app that connects to a Blue Tooth scale. It comes preloaded with about 500 drinks but not too many Tiki drinks. The concept is that you pull up a drink on the app, place your shaker or blender or Tiki mug on the scale, it tells you what to pour and when to stop.
It does let you program in your own drinks or modify existing ones. I tried a couple of the preset drinks and then decided to give it a run for it's money - I programmed in the 10 ingredient Trader Sam's Krakatoa Punch. It worked seamlessly.

Here's a short video This is the Perfect Drink Pro for $100. Gives a stainless steel scale and a little more accuracy but the Perfect Drink 2.0 that I bought works just fine. Frankly, I don't know how they can sell it for 20 bucks and still make a profit?

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2019-08-17 18:11 ]

Hey Mike, excellent item to share with us here! Quick couple of questions... I looked this up online, pricing varies. The "Pro" model has a few deals in the $75 range on eBay, even less if you win it at auction or with a "best offer" buy. But what are your thoughts on the quality of the drinks made this way -- better than hand-measured or just more convenient? I'm perfectly fine measuring and pouring the old-fashioned way, but would consider shelling out the $20 for the scale if you thought it made a big difference versus just being a novelty.

So I'm a gadget geek, but I have limited space. So I'm very curious but being cautious. Looks like a few used ones are on eBay, so it's possible that not everyone is crazy about this. Thanks again - very interesting concept!

Ace, it is much more convienient but I don't know that it's any better. I'm sure you could easily measure just as accurately with a jigger. It just consolidates your recipe box/notebook with your jigger/measuring cup into a smale scale about the size of your hand. I put mine in a small wooden box about the size of a cigar box just to protect it.

Thanks, Mike. I'm giving it some thought and will wait until others weigh in on this. I'm resisting my gadget-freak response for now, especially since I'm doing fine with my conventional bar tools.

This reminds me... I have some really cool very functional (and really CHEAP) bottle pour spouts I've been using. I may need to share photos with this thread if others are on board with using a cocktail scale and "micro-pouring" ingredients. The reason is that the pour spouts would make pouring minute quantities from even very large bottles very easy. Only works with screw-top non-stoppered bottles though. These work so well that a few years ago I bought one whole case of these in 10-packs and now I pass them out to other bartenders when they come over to play at my home bar.


Hmmmm, not so sure.

You are right Ace, have pour spouts would help with the scale. But up to now I haven't poured anything less that 1/4 ounce so it hasn't been a problem. The scale doesn't weigh small quantities such as "dashes of bitters", it tells you to add them then you acknowledge when you have and it moves on to the next thing.

Hilda, the same scale works with the free Perfect Blend app too. It will help you add the perfect amount of kale, tofu, and probiotic powder to your smoothies :wink:

Ace, I have some of those same pourers, but I find that more and more of my ingredients tend to be the cork type, not screw top. It would also be nice if there were a way to remove the pourer before you toss the bottle out. The less plastic in the waste stream the better.

Not a huge fan of the scale idea. Takes up too much valuable bar top real estate and it's just one more thing to go wrong. I have a bar menu/inventory program that I wrote that runs on a small pad that is easy for me to tuck into a drawer when not in use.


I have one of these and it is pretty cool. I don't use it much for making cocktails for only a few people but it is great for parties. It allows people to make their own cocktails in a techie kind of way and is a great conversation piece.

While it sounds great that you can add your own cocktails, it is a bit labor intensive. I am slowly building up my recipe database but it does take some time. I usually get about 3-4 entered and then get sidetracked having a drink or two / three / four.

Rick in Texas

Good point TikiHardBop, it would be embarrassing to rely on the scale and app and have it freeze up when you are fixing drinks for a crowd :o

Yes Rick, it does take some time to put the drinks in. You and I need to figure out how to share programmed drinks :lol:

I made a wooden cigar box to put the scale in and protect it

EDIT - added a Kocktail Kahuna to the front of the box :lol:

[ Edited by: MadDogMike 2018-03-07 22:15 ]


Yes Rick, it does take some time to put the drinks in. You and I need to figure out how to share programmed drinks :lol:

I made a wooden cigar box to put the scale in and protect it

Yes, that would be cool. I wish there was a way to save / share the db file. I am digging that cigar box storage.

Rick in Texas

Rick, here is a link to the Krakatoa Punch (w/o Gorilla Grog) that I programmed in. I can find it online with the link but not with a search. I think if you click HERE from your scale controlling device (phone, tablet, etc) you should be able to load it in your app and probably save it.
Or here it is written out https://makeitperfectly.com/drink/recipes/4dad51c6-1dae-11e8-a0cb-5f1bbc79cac4
If this works I would be happy to share what I have.

Yeah, I would hate to invest in putting in a lot of drinks and not be able to get them out when they inevitably stop supporting it one day.


MadDogMike: I will check that out and see how it works.

Rick in Texas

I have added links in the first post to some Perfect App Tiki Drinks. If you are using the app, you can download those recipes into your phone or tablet. If you have the app and program any Tiki drinks, you can upload them here and I will post them in the front section

I work with the Perfect Co folks and have quite a few drinks in there myself. Take a look at the BG Reynolds collection in the app!

Yes I have seen it, nice selection of recipes. Looks like a collaboration that should be good for both you and Perfect Drink.

Very much so. I should be heading back in to put a few more recipes in this month!

I had now added more than 100 recipes :D

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