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Sunset Fogcutter

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Still needs shelves, ceiling trim, and lighting/lots of crap hanging from the ceiling. Oh, and booze. But otherwise it's starting to be presentable, and the walls will continue to be cluttered up. Shout out to my Art Swap peeps from years past - see if you can spot your contributions to the clutter. This is in an 8x12 (96 sq ft) outbuilding in our back yard.

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Love it! Lots of character in such a small space. Thanks for sharing!



Looks great Josh! Good to see Swap pieces going to good use :D


Amazing how much stuff and character you can fit in a small space! Great job. Mahalo for sharing.

On 2018-08-19 17:28, Joshua Bell wrote:
Still needs shelves, ceiling trim, and lighting/lots of crap hanging from the ceiling. Oh, and booze.

Josh, You gots your priorities all wrong. Should read Booze Shelves, Etc.
Looking really good -keep posting your progress.

Some construction/work-in-progress photos.

Platform for the shed. This was at the end of May.

With common household items for scale. The empty burlap coffee sacks hanging on the right are to keep the inhabitants of our beehives away during construction.

Shed mostly finished - it was prefab, assembled on site.

This is the "West Elm" look. The sign is a street find by my teenager. Not permanent. Middle of June.

Paint! Lauhala matting! Fourthajuly long weekend.

Speaking of burlap... the wall coverings were a a happy accident. I ordered a textured jute wallpaper but the wrong color arrived. But it had the right catalog number, so I couldn't just re-order - the system had it wrong. I tried another retailer and my request for a sample went into the void. So I ordered some burlap instead. It's awesome. If you hang something with a nail and need to move it, the nail hole just vanishes. The fire retardant took forever to dry, though.

My wife sewed curtains for the upper window lights, faux tapa cloth c/o Spoonflower. The window and door trim is 2" bamboo slats from a local landscaping store. The ceiling is reed fencing. As noted upthread, there's trim coming for the perimeter and down the gap.

And then a photo from tonight, with a little accent lighting tossed in.


Thank you for posting the work-in-progress pictures. I love the result. The burlap looks great.

Very nice! I, too, love the progress photos. It's always nice (and super-helpful!) to see the effort that goes into these tiki bar builds.

Made a lamp

I like it Joshua. I especially like the burlap idea, how did you mount it? Did you varnish over it? Burlap is fairly economical especially if you get it at Joann's with a 40% off coupon

The burlap is just stapled around the perimeter, using a sizable staple gun. I ordered a large enough roll to cover even the 11'x5' wall without a seam. I sprayed it with fire retardant, but otherwise it is untreated.

Thanks Josh

That light looks very nice. Sets the mood!


Very cozy and inviting.

A pufferfish has joined the party!

Prickly little bugger!

Mounted a PNG (Biwat) shield, acquired by a missionary (boo!) in the 1950s.


Very nice, Love it. Is that one of Cy's pieces on the left?

On 2019-01-23 09:01, hiltiki wrote:
Very nice, Love it. Is that one of Cy's pieces on the left?


Another addition, same backstory as the PNG shield.

So impressive. Love what you're doing!

JB The fogcutter is really looking good. Well done

Last PNG shield. It's very happy.

LG: Fixed post formatting.

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Finally got mug shelves up. Reclaimed wood (old bed rails!) stained and shellacked.

(Yes, there is museum wax holding them in place.)

Great collection really nice!

One of these days I'll have enough room to display all my mugs instead of having them half out and half stored away.

those are some really nice pieces there - nice!

Nice! Really beautiful space.


Very impressive, love it.

A few more glamour shots:

Joshua is that you looking so dashing behind the bar?

Yep! Photo by TQTQTQ.

Some recent shots; the cluttering continues! Also, I improved the lighting - ran DC wiring from a transformer to all the lights, so the room turns on with a single click. No more groping for battery pack switches.

I love entertaining, so if anything brings you to SF, stop on by!

Yeah, it has been good to have the bar during the still-ongoing pandemic. Gradually starting to look respectable.

Most work has been incremental. I did have to rip out and replace all of the untreated bamboo trim due to bugs - ugh! Seems to be all sorted out now, though.




What a fantastic space! So did you run power to the shed, or how does that work? You mentioned a DC transformer for the lights, but obviously there's a blender in there, so I'm curious.

The outbuilding is wired with a box and breaker panel. But that is powered by... an extension cord running to an exterior GFCI outlet on the house. Yeah, if I'd known 7 years ago when we were doing a home remodel I'd have prepared better. Anyway, for light duty (the DC power adapter for the lights and animatronics, occasional blender use) it's fine.

Oh yes. I did say animatronics...


These friendly birbs joined us during the pandemic. They are adapted from some "talk back" toys, but stripped of the electronics except for a motor. They're driven by microcontrollers inside each perch and powered by USB, and have randomized activity sequences so every few minutes they do... something.

And I had to have two, because...

Looks so good! Congrats.

I am curious about the toucans, how did you modify them?

The original toucans toys are these things. Inside the bird is a motor and gearing, with wiring coming out of the feet, just a positive and negative wire. The base of the original toy has batteries (3x1.5V), a microphone, a speaker, and a chip that handles the "talk back". If you drive 4.5V into the positive wire, the motor spins and the gearing makes it animate. Its beak, head and wings twitch in a cycle - all you need to do is provide the power.

I just discarded everything but the bird and its wires. The microcontroller (a Teensy 4.0) in the perch just runs a program that sends power to the motor, modulating the amount to control the speed. It runs a routine where the bird sleeps for a few minutes, then wakes up and either just rustles a bit before going back to sleep or gets active and makes a fuss before settling back down.

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The OA auction inspired me to turn an ETR sipper cup into a globe light:


The round reed is from caning.com (conveniently just across the Bay in Berkeley). I used boiling water and a pot to fix the reed to the right radius, a pin vice to drill holes and then and bamboo skewers to make the hoops and attach the ribs to the top and bottom. Hot glue to hold things together temporarily, then chair caning to bind it all together. Finished with amber shellac.


Ok so you are on the right track with this light, great job!

NOW just think of all the stuff you can do with bending rattan?

Looks great, quite an improvement from the bare white walls you started with. Your lighting looks good too.

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