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The Suffering Bastard, Sanford, FL (bar)

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Name:The Suffering Bastard
Street:200 s. Myrtle Ave

Coming soon

A Tiki speakeasy located inside Tuffy's Bottle Shop in the sleepy town of Sanford, Fla.

This is the real deal. Highly recommended. Inventive original cocktails plus many Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic's and Mai-Kai classics perfectly crafted and presented in a fully immersive environment. A total hidden gem.

It's very small, so reservations are recommended on busy nights ...

Tue-Thu 5pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 5pm-12am

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One of our Tiki highlights of 2019 was a recent visit to the newly opened Suffering Bastard in Central Florida. Everything is done right, from the spot-on cocktails (by Chris the Bastard and his crew) to the immersive decor (by Typhoon Tommy), to the music and hospitality. It's worth a special trip to the small town of Sanford to check out this Tiki bar that should already be ranked among the revival's elite. Okole maluna and see you in 2021!

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[ Edited by: Hurricane Hayward 2019-12-31 21:56 ]

Great tip, Hurricane Hayward!

If you have the time, there's also one of the top German restaurants in the US on the main drag in Sanford's vintage downtown. Great food and beer - Hollerbach's Willowtree Cafe. Always a good time!

Orlando Sentinel: Suffering Bastard takes Tiki drinks to the moon with The Astronaut


The recipe is a tweaked version of the classic Jet Pilot cocktail. “When you’re a jet pilot, the only higher place you can go is to be an astronaut,” said Christopher Bell, bar manager at Suffering Bastard. “It’ll also knock you right into the stratosphere.”


Thanks for the review of the Suffering Bastard. I have family & friends in the Orlando area and would love to visit. The decor is amazing. The drinks have a stunning look! Will definitely try the Astronaut recipe! :drink: Cheers!

On 2020-01-04 11:11, Mele_Ipo wrote:
Thanks for the review of the Suffering Bastard. I have family & friends in the Orlando area and would love to visit. The decor is amazing. The drinks have a stunning look! Will definitely try the Astronaut recipe! :drink: Cheers!

Do check it out. I love their reverence for the classics!


We went to Suffering Bastard last night. Loved the atmosphere and drinks, but the service was rough. I'm pretty sure they were down a bartender as there was only one making drinks last night and it took over an hour for our whole party to get their first drink (meanwhile some tables got their second drink before we all got our first). With only 2 hour seating windows none of us wanted to see if we could get a second drink in time or not. We'll give it a second chance next time we're in Florida and hope the service is better because the rest of the bar deserves it.

Sadly, I hear about service issues here over and over. Really too bad.


Oof, I was really hoping this was a one-off. When we got there (we had reservations at opening, 5pm) there was the one bartender, dressed in an aloha shirt and clearly part of the staff, and a server who looked dressed more like for the bar outside (ballcap/trucker hat and a t-shirt that looked like it was from some concert tour). Not that there's anything wrong with that loo, just that it didn't seem to fit the bar. He was taking orders and delivering drinks but otherwise not doing anything behind the bar.

Because of that I kind of assumed they normally have two bartenders and were missing one that day ant recruited somebody from Tuffy's who wasn't a bartender to at least help out with serving. With only one person who knew how to make complex drinks and a full bar, there's just no way to get them all done (the bartender was going full bore the whole time we're there) in a reasonable time.

The one thing they could and should have done was to keep a priority list going. Make sure every table gets their drinks one after another and everyone gets one drink before anyone gets a second. Instead the bartender kept looking at the order list and seemingly picking somewhat randomly as to which drinks to make. That led to some tables getting all their drinks, some getting a couple, then other tables getting a couple, then coming back to finish the first table. And for us we were the last table to start getting drinks (to be fair, I think we were the last to order our first round) and then after getting 3 of the 5 drinks he started making second rounds for other tables before coming back and getting our last two drinks done.

I'll defer to those who are actually working in the industry, but that sounds like a terrible and unforgivable practice.


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tikidave...you seem to have posted BEFORE your pics have fully loaded. Notice it still says "Uploading" I have learned that you have to wait till it's fully done before hitting the "SUBMIT".

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