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The Tahitian Lagoon

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I haven't posted for quite a long time, but we have been pretty busy since we moved to Granada Hills almost 3 years ago. here is a view of the pool as it was when we moved.

It looked like a good spot for a Tiki bar! So I went on sketch up to draw something that sounded possible to do by myself.

Then it was time to start. I started in september by removing the original pool pump shed in bad condition and building a breeze block wall instead.

Then time to start the shed . The floor is 15.25 feet x 7.5 feet rests on the concrete slab

The plan was to be able to use the lounge for the breakfast and to enjoy the morning sun. The front of the shed is facing East. So we put a glass door on this side. It is also great to have a pool view at night.

I did first a mockup of the A frame because it was not easy to see the details on sketch up.

Then it was time to build the thing. On this pic you can also see the sliding doors for the main entrance

And to add thatch

Here are a few more pictures, in no particular order.

I will try to add more details in the next weeks. I also post on instagram @atomic_pad

Hamo posted on Wed, Apr 3, 2019 11:02 PM

Welcome back! Great looking setup you’ve got going there. Thanks for sharing.

Looks great! Nice details and fits really nicely in that area. Look forward to seeing more details.

I've been following your posts on IG for a while. Great build-out! That A-frame really ties it all together and looks fantastic. I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate an A-frame in my build, but thus far am stymied.


Your build fits your whole landscape in such a great way - this is really going to be fantastic - I look forward to the night pictures with the pool.


Nice place Vincent, thanks for sharing.

Looks great, and I LOVE those carved post covers!


Looks like a nice place to cool off and relax.


Great start with a cool mid-century vibe

Hey there, I am right over in North Hills. Give me a hollar if you ever need photo work. Looking good...

Unkle Monkee

Love it! That will be a nice place to enjoy a meal!

Really nice post carvings too!

Thank you everyone for your nice comments.
Hamo - Thanks, glad to be back although still not posting as fast as I would like!
Littlegiles - We were happy to have enough room next to the pool for the setting.
Jayme - Your photos on instagram are fabulous! For the A-frame, I wanted to keep things simple, so I just designed a box and added an A-frame, not structural but it does the trick.
Commodore - I took a few night pictures this weekend with my limited skills, here are the results
Hilda - Thanks for fixing my photo!
Sandbartender - Thanks. I need to do more carving for the inside
MaukaHale - Yes I even like to go there in the morning and take a few minutes to relax
Bongofury - Can't help it, I love mcm architecture!
Marty - Good to know some neighbors! And thanks for the offer - May be in a while when we're closer to the end result!
Polynesiac - yes it's great for a meal AND a drink! Now I'm following you on instagram!


Looks great.


Looks great.

Holy WOW! You turned that tiki dial up to "11"!

Absolutely gorgeous and I love that float/canoe/fish trap lamp.

Thanks for sharing! Enjoy that space!

Beautiful! Great space.

Great build! I love the architecture and it looks amazing lit up


Thank you to you all for the kind words!
I have been working on the glass float panel lately. The design of the panel is based on a panel and a lamp I saw at Oceanic Arts in Whittier. They sell the small glass floats in many sizes and colors. Bob and LeRoy told me how they made them back then and retrieved some old stock of rounded seashells from me. That made my day! Here is a pic of the panel hanging at Oceanic Arts in Whittier

I found the crushed seashells at Joann.

My only concern is that once in place the color intensity seems to fade on some floats. I could not figure why, may be the wall too close to the floats? I painted the wall white and installed a string of LED all around. No matter if I put the LED brighter or not the color is not as dense as in the daylight.



Wow that looks great!

You know the kahiki had huge panels like this over I think it was three tables 7'x6'.

And on your faded float colors, just get some gels and make that float whatever color you like.
Heck you could even change colors with the seasons.

They have diffusers and colors even frosted gel sheets.

Just remember that lite green and blue make a darker green, yellow and red make orange, etc.

Good luck!

Rosco gels,


Rosco gels...
WOW Lighting Calgary 1224 9th Ave. SE
Calgary Alberta
T2G 0T1 403-266-6249 [email protected] Alberta South


Wait you are in s Cal right?

Gels may only work if you have a back side that is not really seen though.

Forman & Associates 8200 Haskell Ave.
Van Nuys, CA
91406 818-787-4900 [email protected] Southern California


Slacks Ferret - Thank you!
Tikiskip - Thanks for the tip, I'll check them out! The back side is a couple inch from the glass float but it is worth a try. On the darker floats the light is good so the gels might suffice to darken the other ones.
I would love to see pics of the Kahiki panels!


"I would love to see pics of the Kahiki panels!"

I gave the best one away, and the one I kept was in the garage.
Will try to get a pic.

Think these were from the bar in the Kahiki that they got rid of soon after they opened, the one to the left as you walked in.
So that would be the bar the picture on Jeff's Kahiki record.

But it's more of a hole in the center with shells in resin filling the hole.

They make Christmas light covers that look like floats that people could use for this as well.

You make me want to do one of these.

Your place looks great!

That a frame is awesome!
I don't think we will get in our pool even once this year, well maybe a few times.
It is 68 degrees at this time.

Love the glass float panel!!


Wow! Well done and very cool. My hat is off to you.


Thank you Tikiskip, Mike and Marie and JackLord for your comments.
Tikiskip the pool is 80 right now, it was 86 a few days ago but California is not what it used to be!
I have been working on the side wall covering. hopefully the matting will resist sun and humidity. I put a few layers of spar varnish on it and on the plywood sheathing under it. Still need to add some bamboo trimming and to cover the window shutter.

I also added a chunky lucite swag lamp

and a Bamboo Ben Fish trap


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