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Nautical tentacle yard art or wall decor

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Tentacles are popular tiki bar decor.

This is on the Grandin Road website under Halloween decor. You could probably hang it from a wall too.


Release the kraken. From the murky depths of the flower bed or beneath the maple tree, position what you can see of our Yard Sea Monster to delight your trick-or-treaters and party guests, his giant, slinking arm sculpted with detailed suckers. This beast is crafted in three pieces from durable, 100% resin to withstand outdoor conditions; he comes with optional stakes for securing into the soil, or place him flat along a walkway-even indoors. Buy several sets for an even more terrifying Halloween outdoor decor scene.

Sea monster arm that appears to "breech the surface" in three separate segments
Sculpted entirely from resin and painted to resemble arm of squid-like beast
Each segment includes one removable stake (three total) for securing into soil
Flat bottoms make it easy to place on even surfaces, too, like a sidewalk or porch

Very cool!

I like it.

Yes, this would work nicely.

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