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Tiki Farm, San Clemente, CA (store)

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Name:Tiki Farm
Street:1060 Calle Negocio
City:San Clemente

Extensive rennovations to a standard industrial office/warehouse building. Multiple tiki bars and hundreds of artifacts collected over the years by owner Holden Westland. Of noteworthiness...
2 GIANT authorized Shag mural reproductions (Last Days of Kahiki & The Suave Wolf)
2 also GIANT hand-woven Peacock/Burry/Trader Vic Chairs
Extensive Tiki Mug Collection
Fully tiki decorated upstairs loft which is being sublet to Drew Brophy (www.drewbrophy.com)
3 ea 8' Moai's
Vintage United Airlines wall art & tiki statues
Gilligan's Island Pinball Machine
Vintage Furnishings of many types
Various works of art by Shag, Mark Ryden, Derek Yaniger, Von Franco, Wayne Coombs & more

Seating Area in Holden's Office

Tiki Bar in Lobby

[ Edited by: smogbreather on 2003-08-31 20:08 ]

the Farm Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Holden, very cool, now JT junior can get that poster you gave him signed by Drew. His face really lit up when I told him he will be right upstairs from you.
Folks, don't miss out on the Tiki Farm, it's a must see. And I'm not brown nosin' either when I say Holden is a super nice guy. Not only that but his "office manager" is a very pretty lady.

For Holden, what are Tiki Farms hours?

We're open from around 8 to 5 but I'm here generally 'til about 7pm or so (M-F) and you can find me here generally from 10-4 on Sat & every other Sunday about the same. If you'd like to stop on by, please call first as we want to give you a good nickel tour vs. the wooden nickel "Holden ain't had enough caffeine crappy boss day" tour.
Holden 949-940-1006 TF office nr.

I tried to go by and called first, but the receptionist told me that they are not open to the public. what do you say to that?

I just kept driving, a bit dissappointed all the way back to Goleta. No worries, as I was in San Diego on business anyway.



[ Edited by: Kreaky Tiki on 2003-11-07 21:13 ]

Kreaky, just walk in! You'll be welcome.

And tell them you're a member of Tiki Central.

Dude- San Clemente is my home town! I just moved here (O'ahu)in March! I never knew you guys were there!!! Those other Hawaiiana gift stores on El Camino Real I knew about, but not your store!!! Oh the inhumanity of it all.

Hey - I'm sure you've already checked it out: right next to Adele's is a cool store called Aloha Spirit. The owners are way cool - the have the most extensive collection of antique Uke's I've ever seen. Check 'em out!

Next time I'm on the mainland I'm stopping by your place!



more pics!!!!

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