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Just saw this and haven't seen it on here yet:


Thought you all might enjoy. I know I will.


Cool, thanks! Just made a reservation for us at Grass Skirt on Dec. 7.

Sadly it looks like it will be missing my state completely yet again this year. :(

Hamo posted on Thu, Nov 21, 2019 10:32 PM

I'm excited to see something happening in the Denver area (but surprised it's not in one of the two tiki bars); looks like things start this coming Wednesday at Arvada Tavern. I'll try to get there in December and report back.


On 2019-11-21 22:32, Hamo wrote:
I'm excited to see something happening in the Denver area (but surprised it's not in one of the two tiki bars); looks like things start this coming Wednesday at Arvada Tavern. I'll try to get there in December and report back.

The Arvada Tavern has Tiki Tuesdays, including a custom menu and a custom mug by Pop Tiki of Colorado. Its not a fully themed tiki bar but they know what they're doing when it comes to tiki drinks. It doesn't surprise me that they're working with Sippin Santa this year.

Hamo posted on Sun, Nov 24, 2019 1:43 PM

I haven't listened to it yet, but I see the latest episode of Marooned: A Texas Tiki Podcast is about the location in Austin:

Episode 20 - Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City


This is a great idea!

So how many of you are running around looking for Santa mugs now.
I think the price just went up.

Totally want that Beach Bum Barry glass!


I had those santa mugs when I was a kid. Not the big one, but those smaller ones. It was a set of 3 at least. I don't know what happened to them. Probably broken over the years.

What a Kool site - glad I found it! The small Santa mug has been in our home for three generations. When is SippinSanta, with his sunglasses, coming to Florida? Thanks to uhaneRob for this post.


Got the mugs at an antique shop.

And I think the sippn Santa and Miracle starts now through Christmas and maybe even New years.
Check your location for details.

Hours: Sun–Thurs 12PM–11PM / Fri & Sat 12PM–1AM | Reservations Available here and Open Table
Facebook | Instagram

Hours: 5PM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Hours: Mon–Sun 4PM–12AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

There is also Miracle

Sessions Restaurant | Hours: 11AM–12AM daily | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

delray beach: Miracle® AT DEATH OR GLORY
Death or Glory | Hours: Mon–Fri 3PM–2AM / Sat & Sun 11AM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Java & Jam | Hours: Sun–Tues 5PM–10PM / Wed–Sat 5PM–12AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Madrina's | Hours: Tues–Sun 4PM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Grape and Grain Exchange | Hours: Sun–Weds 12PM–12AM / Thurs–Sat 12PM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

miami: Miracle® AT WYNWOOD
Gramps | Hours: Sun–Thurs 7PM–1AM / Fri & Sat 7PM–3AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

orlando: Miracle® on orange
The Courtesy Bar | Hours: Mon 7PM–2AM / Tues–Fri 5PM–2AM / Sun 3PM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

pensacola: Miracle® ON PALAFOX
Old Hickory Whiskey Bar | Open 11/29 | Hours: 2PM–Late daily | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails | Hours: Sun–Thurs 5PM–12AM / Fri & Sat 5PM–2AM | No Reservations
Facebook | Instagram

Hours: 5PM–12AM weekdays / 5PM–2AM weekends | No Reservations

Thanks for the info, Tikiskip. I did find the SippinSantas Florida locations - after I posted my original message.

Going to to hit up The Boilermaker NYC Saturday to Sip some Santa’s!

The Jet Setter in San Antonio is hosting Miracle.

Nickel City in Austin is hosting Sippin Santa as referenced in the Marooned podcast above. I hope to hit up both of them before the year's end! :)


There are two Miracle pop-ups in downtown Denver this year (and one in Colorado Springs!). We won't get there this year but the Sippin' Santa is in Arvada, the suburb where we live, at the Arvada Tavern. Arvada Tavern hosts a Tiki Tuesday night every Tuesday and has an event space on the upper floor that they converted to the Sippin' Santa location. We have reservations next Friday for St. Nicholas Day.

Check out The Atomic Grog's preview of both Sippin' Santa and Miracle holiday pop-ups, including the Sippin' Santa menu and details on the locations ...


My first taste of Sippin' Santa on Las Olas ...

Okole maluna and mele kalikimaka to Beachbum Berry, Cocktail Kingdom and Flight 19!

I was most impressed with Christmas Eve of Destruction (Plantation O.F.T.D., lime juice, nutmeg syrup, Bénédictine, Angostura bitters) ...

Featuring a healthy 2 ounces of O.F.T.D., this is nevertheless perfectly balanced and reminiscent of a classic Tiki drink.

On 2019-11-24 13:43, Hamo wrote:
I haven't listened to it yet, but I see the latest episode of Marooned: A Texas Tiki Podcast is about the location in Austin:

Episode 20 - Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City

Mahalo for sharing! I also did an episode with Russell and Liz from Lei Low in Houston during their participation in last year’s Sippin’ Santa pop up. That was a really fun conversation as well.



Just went to the one here in Ohio and it was closed for a private party.

OMG what a hipster puke fest!
The guy walking in on the phone "we look forward to working with you" It was most likely his mom.


I think the first day was Friday the 29th and that was a private party.

Damn I'm used to Tracy getting me my Bud setting it at the bar BEFORE I even get there.

Ok so I'll get a drink there one of these days.


I did make it there today, go early unless you like crowds.

Was there right at 4:00 when they opened and it was filling up fast.

Will post pictures later, it was cool, the stuff is awesome.
The crowd on this day was not so hipster as it was the other day.

Take your wallet it is not cheap.


The Citizens Trust
Cocktail Bar in Columbus, Ohio

This is the SanTa rex drink and mug.
It tasted good and was very Boozy.


Just got back from the Denver (well, Arvada) location. We were talking to the bartender and he said they only had one day to set up the event space above their normal restaurant (the Arvada Tavern) but I think they did a good job. I've mentioned before that we're not big drinkers but we enjoy the tiki bar ascetic and when we go we usually have one drink. Well either my body is particularly susceptible to alcohol today or the Shaka Kalikimaka is the strongest drink I've had at a tiki bar. Its been 2+ hours since I started drinking it and I'm still feeling the effects, even after having dinner after we left Sippin' Santa.

Ugh, too bad about the private party on your first attempt, Skip. That stinks. Polite Provisions is doing the Miracle one here and I think I've seen several different notices about them doing that.

We went to Grass Skirt last night for Sippin' Santa (and 1/2 off rum night.) It was more crowded than usual, but mainly due to a couple large groups/parties that happened to coincide with it. It didn't look like most people were even ordering the special drinks. I of course had the Christmas Eve of Destruction. It was good but was a lot more subtle than I expected. I didn't take a picture, but the one HH posted above does look darker than I recall mine being. It was good, but I expected a bit more potency and general OFTD blast of flavor.


"Ugh, too bad about the private party on your first attempt, Skip"

I get it they got to make it when they can.

Went back with the wife it was fun.
Man those drinks are maybe not for me, all that Nutmeg and rosemary this and secret ing that just gives me a big ol hangover.

Fun though.

My wife woke up under the sink....

I love the Tiki Central nutcups!! Did I just compliment your nutcup?? Just saying...its a nice nutcup !!

Well...I think they are cool. And definitely catches your eye. I’m glad to hear people are liking Miracle and Sippin Santa. I’m trying t get into Miracle also...very booked !!

Thanks for sharing pics!!! They are great to see!!


"I love the Tiki Central nutcups!!"

That is a one of one deal.

BUT on going to the events/pop up bars we just went right when they opened and there was not that big of a crowd.
PLUS that gives the workers time to get your mugs you may want to buy and even ask them if you can have one of the Kohala bears from the one drink.
Its harder to get them to do the extra stuff when they are busy.

It's fun I say go.

Hamo posted on Sun, Dec 22, 2019 10:37 PM

We made it to Sippin’ Santa upstairs at the Arvada Tavern tonight and had a great time! I couldn’t believe all the decorations, especially the tikis and PNG masks.

Between the five of us, we had almost every drink on the menu. I enjoyed the Christmas Eve of Destruction and Don and Victor.

Merry tiki!

New on The Atomic Grog: Exclusive Beachbum Berry interview ...

We caught up with the Tiki historian, author and bar owner to ask him about his growing family of Sippin' Santa surf shacks, the delicious drinks, and what makes holiday pop-ups so popular ...

Plus, our tribute to Christmas Eve of Destruction, a new classic by Brad Smith of Latitude 29 and featuring Plantation O.F.T.D. rum ...


Mele kalikimaka!

I made that nutmeg syrup and it is amazing the zing it's gave to rum.

Hamo posted on Thu, Dec 26, 2019 4:58 PM

Thanks for that Christmas Eve of Destruction tribute recipe, Jim; I was planning to try to reverse engineer it myself, so you've saved me a little work. I'd remembered that Matt included a nutmeg recipe in Minimalist Tiki (page 81), and it looks pretty much like yours. I'll make some in a day or two so I can enjoy the drink again soon.

Aloha! Thanks for posting the links HH. I do like visiting the Atomic Grog & I have it saved on my favorites. The recipes & pics are amazing!
Mele Kalikimaka a Hauoli Makahiki Hou! :drink: :tiki: :music:

[ Edited by: Mele_Ipo 2019-12-27 17:46 ]

Mahalo to all! Can't wait for next year ...

Hamo posted on Thu, Dec 29, 2022 7:00 PM

Didn't make it to Sippin' Santa this year, but my sister discovered that a restaurant in town is doing the Miracle popup till the end of the month, and we went last night. It was our first time at Miracle, and we all enjoyed it. The snowstorm helped with the ambiance.




I know it's a little late for December ideas, but how's this for the perfect adult Advent Calendar? Rum of course!!


[ Edited by TIKIGIKI on 2023-01-08 22:40:02 ]


Man, I missed em both this year.

We were both sick as we had the go to the hospital and wait for four hours and left because we just were tired of waiting. All we got was sick and a bill, went there not sick, thanks OSU "urgent care" you suck! And we had a damn mask on the whole time we were there.

But Huli Huli did not do Sippin Santa but the place we went to Miracle last time was still there this year.

Too Bad Huli Huli dropped it, it was fun.

Late to the thread but we enjoyed the Sippin' Santas up in Santa Rosa in Nor Cal. It was a lot of fun and hope it returns next year! (the pics are polaroids, which explains some quality issues!)ssansta1ssansta2


Had fun at Sippin' Santa at Grass Skirt. Tried to go to Miracle on 30th Street at Polite Provisions, but at 4:15 p.m. on a Thursday the place was packed with a line down the block. It would have taken a "miracle" to get in.

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