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Trader Sam's patio furniture

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Thanks to a tip on Facebook, I was told there was a bunch of patio furniture from Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar for purchase at Disneyland's Property Control. Property Control is exclusively for Cast Members and often sells old stuff from the parks that is no longer needed, surplus, etc. You can get some decent cocktail glasses (occasionally tiki mugs too from Sam's) and other Disney junk. They often have furniture - tables and chairs from Toon Town for instance - and any time a hotel is renovated you can be guaranteed to find stuff there. When the Grand Californian was renovated recently, you could buy full bedroom sets of beautiful arts-movement era furniture.

Anyway I somehow fit everything into my Hyundai Elantra, minus one chair that I tied the hell down with enough twine, and drove it 60 miles to my house. I've been waiting years at the opportunity to get some kinda furniture from Sam's. When the bar received some renovations with a new countertop and seating upholstery a few years ago, I was really hoping for a few chairs to show but they never did.

I just need to get some similar blue cushions for the backs, but otherwise made out with a decent set for about $150. I'm slowly building my own tiki bar. :wink:


Our bedroom set is a full set from one of the Wilderness Lodge's remodels and our small table and chairs on our patio is from Animal Kingdom years ago. Property Control can have some great finds, those look good on your patio.


On 2019-11-25 10:41, JasonMa wrote:
those look good on your patio.

Thanks! They'll look better once I arrange accordingly, throw some drinks, and those damn backing cushions.

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