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Hello from the Amazon!

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Hi! Im writing now in the amazon rainforest.
Im relatively new to tiki (only 2 years), but i fell in love the moment I knew it.
I work in a bar in the middle of the jungle of Perú, so i'm learning to use all that the mother nature provides me to make tropical concoctions. I have been in some tiki conferences here with some guys from the forum and I will be uploading some pictures.

This is my bar

This are my guardians

This are my clients

If anyone wants to come to Perú, tell me so I can help you to know this beautiful country.


Wow! that is really cool!

So let people you meet at the bar know about Tiki Central new blood is good.

That looks like a great place to work.
Welcome to TC.

That is an absolute beautiful place to be!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing....and welcome to Tiki Central. I love the pictures...and will be dreaming about the beauty you get to see everyday. I would love to see more. Pictures of the menu, views of the bar.....thank you again!!! :)

Cheers!! :drink:

Thank you!
I will upload more pictures when Im back to the city (jungle internet, imagine that).
Right now, im browsing to learn all I can from this site.

What an amazing place! Looking forward to more pics from you :D

I created a post in Beyond Tiki, where I will upload the pictures I have from here.

Welcome! I've been enjoying your pictures.

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