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Searching out the Secret Tiki in Jacksonville, FLA!

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Next time you find yourself in Jaxonville, FLA, and you want to taste a great Mai Tai served in a Spam can, or wonder what the Ancient Sails and the Concubine tasted like when they were served at the Hale Tiki (Augusta, GA), or if you find yourself wondering exactly what a Horny Panda tastes like....

Come to the best-worst kept secret in The Lerp (Jacksonville, FL)

The Secret Tiki Temple!

Tucked away inside a vintage Chinese Dim Sum restaurant called Pagoda, this is where you get the best Tiki drinks and Cantonese food in North Florida. Plus, the owner's Great Uncle was none other than Kenny Lee, of the Mai Kai fame!

Make your reservations now! (Ask for Jungle Geoff on most Saturdays!)


Pages: 1 0 replies