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Remaining logged in

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kkocka posted on Wed, Apr 6, 2022 2:50 PM

Hey guys, sorry if this has been brought up or I've missed it (I'm a few Lapu Lapus in), but is there a function to keep one logged in indefinitely? Typically it was in the Account section, where you could select the option, or upon logging in where you could determine how many minutes you wanted to remain in (ex: 9999 minutes).

While I'm elated the site is back, part of what has kept me from jumping right back into things is the fact I have to log in every single.

As always, thanks for your tireless work!

[ Edited by kkocka on 2022-04-07 09:56:33 ]


Not yet; this was brought up in another thread just yesterday:


I for one look forward to the eventual functionality! I don't know if mopeds count as motorcycles on the captcha things, so it stresses me out to keep having to do them haha.

[ Edited by tikibhoy on 2022-04-06 15:21:15 ]

Yeah I'm going to bump this to 7 days over the weekend I think. The default before was an hour of inactivity… at the very least it should be until you quit your browser (which people do less so these days).

kkocka tikibhoy, I've just deployed an update that increases the session time to 7 days. You may need to logout / login to create a new session… let me know how it goes.


@leevigraham you're awesome!! Thank you SO MUCH for the work you've put in, and for bringing TC back!!!

Nice! I wondered why I didn't have to pick boats or bikes or planes this time. The truck one always stresses me out because I don't know if a buss is considered a truck or not.

Similar, but not identical:

  1. I login and go through the process of twice proving I'm human.
  2. I read and post.
  3. Next day I get an email "new topic" etc. and then click the link.
  4. I land on the new topic posting, but I'm not logged in. I'm on Win 10, current release, using Chrome, current release.

This may be circumventing some of the work you all discussed a few months back.

I see that I should be remaining connected for 7 days before being asked to log in again. That's good. A bit longer would be better, I think. :)

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