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Where dat? Color no longer work???

[ Edited by PhillipRoberts on 2022-04-13 13:52:55 ] [ Edited by PhillipRoberts on 2022-04-13 13:53:47 ] [ Edited by PhillipRoberts on 2022-04-13 13:54:20 ]

[ Edited by leevigraham on 2022-04-14 17:22:38 ]

Shout wasn't re-implemented because of it's age / effort required.

Colours can be distracting so they weren't implemented either.

I always enjoyed SHOUT! but I understand the law of diminishing returns, we will survive without it.

I was wondering if Phil would make an appearance asking about SHOUT! I have good memories of implementing secret BBCode for SHOUT colors.

Yeah, Phil, when we rebooted Tiki Central Leevi literally re-wrote it from scratch and Shout was something I wrote from scratch, completely separate from the TC database. It's not a priority at this point, and last I checked it was getting posts to it only once a day, if that.

Pages: 1 3 replies