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Tiki lava flow volcano

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Aloha everybody, heres a pic of my volcano for my front entry. i am going to use an atomizer for smoke but i may have to make a mod out of a vape pen? any suggestions are welcome! volc

Looks great! Is the lava expanding foam? The amount of smoke you have depends on the location, inside or outside? If outside, you can get a fog machine for as little as $40 but it will make way too much fog for indoors. Inside an ultrasonic pond fogger would probably be great. Small amount of continuous "smoke" with only water, no chemicals. Modified vape pen could also be effective but I'm not sure that stuff is safe to breathe (I'm a Respiratory Therapist LOL)

Thanks! Yes the lava is expanding foam. The volcano is in a tunnel entryway over my koi pond. I think the fog machine would be too much. I have an atomizer with led lights in it right now but I think I have to adjust its height for the 'smoke' to be more visible. I saw a vid about the vape pen mod which looks like it would put out a nice effect..


Nice! I'm curious about the vape-fogger mod. I would think you'd end up spending a bit of money on replacement coils over time, especially if you're running it pretty constantly. Happen to have a link?

Thanks! Now that you mention the coils, I think I'm going to be better off using the atomizer, maybe using 2 instead of 1. Heres a link to the vape mod; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDISX8MMLak

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