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rupe33 posted on Wed, May 4, 2022 6:56 AM

Wondering from this group here - how do you discreetly light up your mug shelves?

Our house has a slew of built-in shelves, and I expect some form of lightstrips will ensue. Most often I see folks adding a little lip to the shelf to hide the lights (so you end up with a footlights effect as in a theatrical stage).

What other tips do you have for lighting your shelves and/or hiding your lights? Looking forward to hearing suggestions or even seeing examples!

Best, Rupe

3vab posted on Wed, May 4, 2022 11:26 AM

As far as I'm concerned, if you can see the LEDs from a typical viewing angle, it's a failure. So it's easier to light from above the shelf when it's below average person's height, and light from below when it's above. I always end up ripping a strip on the table saw to hide them as well. Couple examples, and you can see I haven't got around to hiding the wires in these yet. A strip of colored tape is usually plenty to hide them.



And an alt view of the same shelves so you can see how they're hidden.



Those are some great tips - thank you very much! What an excellent collection of mugs too. Well done!

The built-ins we've got are definitely a mix of above/below the average height eyeline. Maybe I will try from above for the uppers and below for the lowers. Could be a good mix.

Thank you for these suggestions - and especially the photos. They very clearly reflected your techniques! :)


I have been using these LEDs all over my bar for discrete lighting.

Dimmable, and I suggest the knob and not the remote if you have any other remote stuff in the room, even a TV. They cross signals.

280160904_10159045089569601_7997383438659762816_n Here you can see them on the top shelf. This is at full brightness.

You can mount these easily anywhere and that can give you a better angle than a strip right at the base or top of the mugs.

I add a little cone to hide the bulb from site.

[ Edited by Swanky on 2022-05-08 10:05:43 ]

I've had my eye on these to replace some GU-10 spots. Any chance you can get a closer look to see if they can be disassembled?

I need them to be remotely controlled and color selectable, so I want the small housing but I'd replace the guts and the LED.

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