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I bought myself an Oculus VR headset a few months back and checked out some of the virtual places you can visit. Then thought why not have people do a VR capture of their home Tiki bars and then we can "visit"?

I used the free Matterport Capture app, took the scans with my SmartPhone, and uploaded to a free Materport account that processes and hosts the images. There is a little of a learning curve but not bad. I think this is the 4th rendition I have tried and it's about where I want it. I'd be glad to help anyone if they want to scan their space. Seems the app is not really made for outside spaces, inside rooms are less complicated.

Here is my scan. You navigate through it just like Google Streetview. Or better yet, open the browser in Oculus and click on this link. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=MKMaMHFGZrr

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Love it! Gives me even more of an impetus to flesh out the sun room and gazebo now.

Thanks BamBam. Time to git jiggy with the sunroom and gazebo!!!

If only you two were in the photo. It would have felt like a complete visit. Love this. Wendy

LOL, somebody has to run the camera. Maybe next time I do a scan


Hay Man, That's real cool. You need more stuff from me.

Yes I do! I have 2 pieces from you, can you find both? Thanks Will

That is so sick. I wonder if I can add something like this to mytiki.life as a feature in the hometiki bars section 🤔

Leevi I don't see why not. The scans are uploaded to, processed by,and hosted by Matterport so you just post a link. The service is free as long as you only have one active "space".

Leevi I added a link on my bar page on mytiki.life under the web links but people don't know what Matterport is. It could use a Virtual Reality Tour label. For maximum effect there would need to be an icon in the Tiki Bar list that showed which bars have a Virtual Reality Tour. And then you would need to do a push to get members to make a tour

Quick Google says that matterport scans are embeddable, so that would be a rad feature.

The Virtual Mai Tai's taste like nothing! nada!

3vab posted on Wed, Jun 8, 2022 2:32 PM

Here y'all go! Minor issue with one of the doors, but you can click around and get through.

The Back Side of Water in threeee deeee!

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That is so awesome!!! Thanks 3vab!!!!!

LOL!!! ATP you have to bring your own Mai Tai to a virtual tour

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 4.23.38 pm

Pours myself a drink.

Oh THAT is rad. Well done.

Very cool! Both of them. Let's see if we can get other people involved :D

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