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We moved house about 1 1/2 years ago into a period style Ranch house which was a lot of work to get back to a 1960's look, One of the many attractions of the house was an almost full size basement which is fairly rare here in the UK, Until recently it has been a dumping room for junk form the move etc, It has now been emptied and is ready for the return of our Home bar we have had in our old House, Our old one was in use for about 20 yeears and took up our whole lounge and was named The Enchanted Reef, It will have the same name of course but Now it is Enchanted Reef 2!, My first job was to sort out Lighting for the ceiling, It had some old Fluorescant striplights and a textured plaster ceiling, So this all had to go,I put small Batten strips up and we run a lot of cable along them for our many lights to go up, Then with the help of a friend we have just put some ply sheets up to cover this and pull the cables through, Next stage will be Lauhala matting!, Hope fully more updates as progress is being made, The Bar in the picture is going to be recovered in Bamboo/Rattan but there as a mockup!P1360691 (/uploads/434/62a600ee02ca7.jpg)P1360681_LIP1360682P1360777P1360926P1360927P1360928P1360685

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Looking forward to seeing progress pics.

Thanks, Here are a couple of pics of our old bar/Lounge!1_tonemapped2_tonemappedDSC_0158DSC_0302

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great job! looks like a nice tiki bar ya got there.

Can you buy Havana club rum where you are?

Looks great. Can't wait for updates.

Wow! That's a lot of great space you have to work with! One of the fun things about working with a blank slate like that is how the space itself influences the final aesthetic. Of course, to get there is a lot of work and sweat equity which isn't always fun, but you've been through this before and I can't wait to see your final vision made real.

Hi Skip Yes Havana Club freely available, Even our supermarkets keep the popular ones

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Damn that would make this a great bar in my book. Have you had a Cuban Ginger, love that drink.

Always wanted to get a bottle of 25 year Havana Club but the guy who used to bring Havana Club back on his company plane for me passed away.

You had to order it and pick it up where he got booze as it was costly and they did not stock it $225.00?

Should start trading lights for booze.

Cuban Ginger

60 ml Havana Club Especial

20 ml Apple liqueur (Berentzen Apple liqueur)

120 ml Ginger Ale

Many Ice cubes

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Hey that drink sounds good, I am willing to trade but the shipping to and from the US to UK is ridiculous nowadays

Looks like a good place to party.

Progress is being made, All the ply is up on the ceiling, covering the cables and ugly white stippling, Starting to take shapeP1370236P1370237P1370238P1370239

That made a great change. :-) Keep that momentum going.

Thanks, I have been trial fitting some of our lights in place to get ideas for best placement, Once this is decided the Lauhala matting wil go up(Last time i used a contact adhesive and a few staples, About 20 years ago), Any better ideas out there now?(P1370328P1370329P1370330P1370331P1370332P1370333

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