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3vab posted on Mon, Jul 4, 2022 5:33 AM

Most of my tiki mug collection has been based on "that'll look cool in the bar when I build it." Well, the bar is built, and I've got way more mugs than shelf space, so I need to sell the extras.

I've got about 40 of them listed on mytiki.life.

Asking prices are off the top of my head for what I think is fair and mostly negotiable. Trying to keep it in the community, not just flip for big profits. Mostly open to trades. I'm also just some dude without a commercial FedEx account, so shipping is kind of annoying. Seems to be anywhere from 20-50 in the US plus packaging.

I'm local to the D.C. region, so we can meet up at Archipelago or something if you're nearby.

You can DM me here or use the contact link on that page at mytiki.life.


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