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Trader Vics New (Real Sugar) Syrups

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Anyone try the new TV Real Sugar Syrups? I THINK I recall The Bum saying that their Passion Food Syrup used to be good before they went to Corn Syrup.

Price-Point is really good compared to the competition.


That's interesting -- I didn't realize they had changed back to cane sugar. That's great! Hopefully the rest of the ingredients are quality.


Thanks for the heads up, will go check out.

This seems like good news. Need to try some again.


They kill you on shipping….

MrFab posted on Sun, Oct 1, 2023 3:58 PM

Just found a bottle of the Rock Candy Syrup at a fancy store… but what to do with it?

Um... mai tais?

The new Mai Tai Concentrate is very different than the older one. It's not as good IMO :(

OH NO! That is terrible news. Got a couple bottles of it. Will have to give it a taste...

UPDTATE: Just did a side-by-side with the old stuff. It is definitely different. Worse? Yeah, maybe worse. Trying to describe it. Feels . . . more baked good-y. Ha! Not sure if that makes sense. Definitely sweeter and less tart.

Will have to mess around with it and see if there are some rum combos that taste better with it. I did add 1 oz. of it as that's what I usually do with the concentrate. Wondering if the recommended 3/4 oz. might work better since it isn't quite as tart as the old stuff.

Wonder if this is what will be used in the restaurants from now on.

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Just FYI, at the time of this post, the Trader Vic's web store has the TV Passion Fruit Syrup on sale for $4. All their other mixes and syrups are still $11.

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Yeah, I get their PF syrup for their recipes, especially for the Trader Vic's Grog -- their PF + TV Dark rum makes this drink really special.

TV PF syrup has almost no tartness, so it is not interchangeable directly with most other tiki recipes that assume you make your own from pulp. To that point, a Trader Vic's Grog with a homemade PF syrup is too tart (1 ounce of syrup plus 1 ounce of lemon).

I have found though that if you add a bit of lemon to the TV PF syrup for non TV recipes, it holds up. Oddly, I really prefer this combo in my Tiki-Ti style Puka Punches rather than the homemade stuff. Go figure!

TV: Atlanta has been using the new concentrate formulas for the past few months. I noticed an immediate difference with the mai tai. Almost an introduction of a bubblegum flavor? I dunno. The grog mix is very similar to the previous recipe though. The good news is that the grog mix doesn't seem to separate as much now in the fridge.

Also, I've found the new Mai Tai concentrate works well in the slew of other TV drinks that call for it; I'll just save my old syrup reserves when wanting to make a Royal Amber + TV MT Concentrate + Lime Mai Tai. That drink's profile is so special to me. There is some orange+almond quality that has been muted in the new formula.

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Is there a label difference or some other identifier for the new concentrate?

Yep -- both the Mai Tai and Grog concentrate have the new "classic" clothed once-topless girl on it.

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