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And they strike again!

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Spammers have been quite active on FB tiki groups today as well.

Spam is a major issue that's pretty hard to beat.

The only way to do it on a forum is to have an introductions forum where new members post and then they are approved. This stops most spam.

Spam on TC is actually very minimal and most likely manual which incurs a high cost compared to automated spam.

The captcha works well, and once you post X amount of posts it is disabled.


"The captcha works well, and once you post X amount of posts it is disabled."

Damn when does that kick in? I have posted a bit more than many here but then not many are posting these days.

Catch 22 is I don't post quite as much BECAUSE of the captcha.

I will say that the captchas have been not as elusive as they once were with the check on the fuzzy cat ones.

Define "fuzzy" "is that an office or a living room" "could be a really cool living room office?"

Get ready for a bunch of "wow that's great" posts coming from me.

Well 5954 posts should definitely be enough … I'll double check the logic :)

Skip I think I'm the #3 poster of all time and I still get Captcha, you've got a while to go still LOL leevigraham thanks for your efforts to keep us spam-free

MadDogMike do you see a captcha when creating topics / replying to posts or just logging in?

MadDogMike Just tested your account locally and there were no captchas for new topics / replys.

That's odd, because I'm a newbie and for me it only lasted about the first five maybe six posts!

Leevi I got an email that someone had responded to a post and clicked on the link. It brought me to the right page but not logged in, so it didn't know who I was and asked for Captcha (twice)

But even if I enter through tikicentral.com via my browser, it doesn't remember and populate my name and passwork and asks for Captcha, sometimes twice. I'm at work and I think we are running Windows 7? Maybe that's the issue?

So you'll always be asked for a captcha on login. That also stops bots trying to steal your account by trying multiple passwords… basically slows them down to a point it's not worth it.

My guess on not staying logged in is related to your work machine. Maybe cookies are cleared when you log out.

Which browser are you using?

:) :) :)

I paid a little closer attention and I was only getting Captcha at work on Windows 7 and Chrome browser. Not at home on Win10. Guess it doesn't matter now LOL


"Windows 7" ??? Where do you work? As the Purser on Noah's Ark?

Let me know if you do see any issues. Windows 7 is a relic at this point so there might be some javascript issues.

TIKIGIKI LOL leevigraham Thanks


It is working for me thank you.

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