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Strawberry Liqueur

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DavorAvatar2 This is me holding this homemade Tiki drink, a strawberry liqueur. I put domestic rakija, any type, but you can use vodka for example (I heard it works too), depending on how much you need it. For example, 0,5 liter. Then in a glass of rakija, you put strawberries (fresh or frozen, chop them in smaller pieces), at least 100g, or more, as more strawberries you add, the stronger taste will be. Then, put some sugar there (depending on your need or taste for sweetness) or honey, and close the bottle with its cap. You must wait at least one week until it all settles down, shake the bottle for a few seconds every two days, and after one week, remove the strawberries (I strain the bottle into a new one), and your drink will be ready to serve. Additionally, you can add some rim in the bottle for additional effect. Have in mind that this is a strong drink (just rakija and vodka are about 30-45% of alcohol, depending on the type). I serve them in small glasses with skull ice, for a good tribal effect, and in this bottle, you can see in the picture. case ledene lobanje2

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Sounds great! I'll give it a try. How long does it keep? Does it tend to further ferment or is the alcohol strong enough to prevent that?

Hello, thanks for replying here. Well, it takes around at least one week until alcohol accumulates the taste of strawberries. It can have other types of fruits as well, but then, the alcohol-absorbing process may vary. In this exact way, I made a raspberry drink, and it is awesome as well, it got a strong raspberry taste. And the alcohol I put is domestic rakija, as it is our national alcohol drink, it can be found everywhere, it is strong as whiskey or vodka itself, but usually in yellow color (shades may vary, but there is completely translucent rakija, looking like vodka) up to darker orange. Anyway, it should get a taste of the fruit very well, as well as its color. Sometimes, for the stronger color effect, I add little artificial color, but I do not think there is no need for it. Just in case that you wish to add rum, add it additionally after you remove the fruit from finalized drink. Oh, forgot to mention, that since we add strawberries or raspberries, tiny parts of them may remain in drink, and it can be blurred, not crystal clear, because fruit was in there for about week or more, but that is not a problem at all, it cannot be spoiled, it is a strong drink. I think if sealed, it can last forever. Well, I have here homemade cherry liqueur, it is old at least 15 years now, and still drinkable.


If you add pomegranate juice it will really add tons of flavor and color.

Also, cranberry sauce, like the stuff in a can goes really well in strawberry jello so that might add a good flavor too.

We do know this is not really a tiki drink yet until maybe rum is added but then Strawberries may never fit into the tiki drink world.

Not really a tropical fruit.

Davor you can search the internet for "Analog Fassionola" for another technique you might find helpful. He covers the fruit in sugar (no liquid) and lets it set a while. The sugar draws the juices out of the fruit (osmosis I believe) then you strain it and add your liquor

MadDogMike, hello. Yeah, I heard about such way as well, I just did not know how they call it.

tikiskip, thanks for the suggestions, I never tried adding this pomegranate to that strong drink. But yes I always add rum. Sometimes instead of regular sugar or honey, I add to it vanilla sugar. Oh, well yes, by origin strawberries are not tropical, they are temperate, but they are in most cases always mixed with tropical fruits in fruits salads drink,s and other dishes in many island resorts (I have seen this a lot since I have a blog about tropical islands). Oh, there seem to have many cocktails involving strawberries: Hawaiian Honi Cocktail (also known as Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Fizz Cocktail), Strawbery Haiti Punch, The Nene Bird, Strawbery Shrunken Skull, Pineapple Strawberry Tiki, Jungle Bird variation with strawberries... there are much more. That is the advantage of tiki style compared to the tropical style, as tiki is tropical mixed with local, thus making tiki always superior, more fun, and a wider Oh, I also make Sangria out of red wine, rum, sugar, and some mixed fruits (kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, orange), I also make white sangria, but that is for another subject, I can open another thread about it.


To carry through on your skull theme you could order some skull shaped glasses such as these to go with that skull-shaped ice! (Two types shown here. Everywhere on eBay)

s-l1600 (5)

TIKIGIKI you rock!!! I totally forgot about this, I have a similar here, only actually for smaller shots, exactly for these stronger drinks. It is for Halloween, but hey skull is for Tiki tribal style as well. Look at those two, yellow and purple plastic glasses, they are professionally made, I am satisfied. CaseLobanje I think I saw somewhere in my country online to be ordered similar skull glasses like the ones you posted.

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