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Tiki Central 2.0 - 1yr anniversary.

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It's been 1yr since Tiki Central 2.0 relaunched!


Here's a few stats:

  • 433 new topics
  • 6552 new posts
  • 1029 users have logged in since re-launch

From Google Analytics:

  • 636,755 page views
  • 43,927 visitors
  • 7m 15s - average engagement time

Device usage:

  • 58.1% - Mobile
  • 38.4% - Desktop
  • 3.5% - Tablet

Whoooohoooo! That mobile use percentage is good news, the old version of TC wasn't very mobile friendly


Thanks again for making it happen!


Happy it's back. But I think we all need to help spread the word that it's back.


Congratulations. Glad it’s here!


Happy anniversary yall, and thanks so much for teaming up w/Hamo to get this place back up and running. I'm slowly forcing myself to return and make it a habit again. When it was down I'd still check daily. I hate to say that things seem really slow around here now, but I'm happy to be among those who understand and get it all. Anything to keep me away from FB groups!

Yay! Pop the cork on the okolehao--this is cause for celebration!

Hey Keith, if only I had that much power, but just to set the record straight, I had nothing to do with the return of TC. In fact, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even been around for months. But here's to the both of us getting back into the habit of visiting.

congrats. big thanks to all involved. This site is such an amazing source of information and inspiration

Pages: 1 8 replies