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Art Swap 2024 Witco!

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5/25 - It's been a week and no one has objected to a Witco theme so let's do it! Make something inspired by Witco (Of course, we have yet to reject a project that didn't meet the theme exactly but it should at least be "Tiki" inspired). Official Swap Rules - Artists create an work of Tiki art. Can be any media; clay, wood, paint, fabric, beads, digital, metal, glass, mixed media, etc. The intent is for this to be an original "one-off" work of art, not part of a mass produced run. If it is created from an existing mold it should be heavily modified. Digital art or screen prints should be printed on a nice substrate, not just ink jet printed on a piece of art pad paper. You must post a picture of your finished piece by the deadline in order to be included in the drawing, anyone who does not show evidence of a finished project will not be included in the name drawing. Drawing will take place the morning of Sunday 7/21/2023. Names will be drawn at random and paired together, these people will swap art. Remember that you will probably ship your art to your partner, don't make anything so large or heavy that it cannot be shipped cost effectively (We have even had non-US Swappers) If you are not an established Swapper and/or established TC member, I will ask for real name and cell phone number so we have a solid contact in the event of a problem. Most of all, have fun and interact with some fellow TC folks

Hamo reminded me it's time for an ART SWAP!!!!!

Tiki Oasis starts even earlier this year than last year - July 31. If we are going to have the Swap wrapped up on time to accommodate anyone who will swap in person at TO, we'll need to end the Swap and have the drawing on Sunday July 21th. That's 9 weeks from now!!!

We can entertain ideas for a theme, I have an idea for a project that would fit well in a WITCO theme which we haven't done yet and has potential for a good theme. Or we can just leave it as TIKI

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-05-25 17:15:50 ]

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-05-25 17:16:31 ]

I’m in and witco sounds fun

I have plenty of time but haven't found my creativity in a LONG time. :-( So put me down as a maybe.....

Hamo posted on Mon, May 20, 2024 7:44 PM

I really like the Witco idea, too. I'm in!

Hi Mike, are you going to post any Witco Helpers here? Or the link to the Witco thread on TC? I think I will have to jump in and do a painting, thank you always for running these. Wendy

Good idea Wendy, here's a link to the Show Me Your Witco thread here on TC

Thank you MDM. I looked at the first 10 pages and started to wear out. I have some ideas. I hope a lot of people sign up.

I want to build a miniature version of the Witco Fountain. I would love to incorporate a backflow incense burner with smoke that flows down the water path. Maybe a mug on top?
Witco Fountain

I'm think'n of contributing to this art swap.

I wonder if this would be a good swap piece.

I was ready to teach a carve class at Hukilau a few years ago & covid came & the class never happened.

Here's what I had posted at the time.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 11-30-58 Tiki Central - Tiki Forum est. 2002

GROG posted on Sun, May 26, 2024 8:49 AM

GROG like MadDoggy idea.


[ Edited by GROG on 2024-05-26 08:50:13 ]

I've been inspired by Witco over the years.

Here's another effort, but I'm not offering it up for this swap.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 11-46-34 Tiki Central - Tiki Forum est. 2002

GROG posted on Sun, May 26, 2024 8:51 AM

Will carve! Send to GROG!

[ Edited by GROG on 2024-05-27 17:38:33 ]


I'll give it a go, if that's OK

Will carve the pendant would make a great swap project and that fountain is AMAZING!!!
GROG thank you sir!
Or Got Rum? always room for one more at the Swap! Welcome aboard!

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-05-26 18:50:04 ]


Thanks MDM....Already did one Witco piece...gotta do a new one... utikiwit_edited

[ Edited by Or Got Rum? on 2024-05-26 19:45:25 ]

Love it!

Ha ha, that's the same piece I've picked. I'll do a black velvet painting of this fountain. What if everyone did art based on that one tiki. Challenge GROG. Rum you are done!!!

I rounded up some brown clay for my project. And sat down to make a plan but I realized need to experiment with the backflow incense cones and figure out how they work. Wal-Mart has them in stock, I'll pick up a box on my next trip.

The backflow effect is all because of the incense cone. There is a whole drilled in the bottom that traps smoke and as it cools it drops...science...blah...blah.

Basically, if you design a tiki fountain and the cone sits at the top and there is space for the smoke to fall, it should work. :-)

Thanks for the heads up Wendy

Didn’t see this post

I’m in

hang10tiki this will be a blast with you joining in. Excellent.

Sorry I've been absent, lots going on. Big b'day party at my house (not me) this Saturday that's keeping me busy. Should be able to make some progress next week

littlegiles I did a test with a cone on a piece of paper over a hole. The smoke came out the bottom of the cone but floated upward. I think the hole or tunnel needs to longer than just a paper thickness in order to cool more before coming out. I may scrap the incense idea for now and just try to make the Witco fountain into a mug. Probably two piece with a base that the mug sits into.

hang10tiki glad you found us. I need to send out messages to recent past participants.

My painting is going well. Soon we can all start showing our progress. This month will pass super fast since summer is fun. So don't delay TCers, time is passing.

This is a fun one. We all love the fountain. The swap is underway.


I'm gonna try to get involved this time around.

Awesome!!!! Welcome aboard! I don't remember if you've swapped with us before? If you have any questions, let me know

SF, I assume you're still in Calgary? Folks remember not to make anything big or heavy, there's a chance you may ship to Canada

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-06-20 22:43:02 ]

MadDogMike looks like another fun tiki art swap. SF welcome.

Found “some kinda wood” in my “to do pile”

Hope it works

May not have the classic cedar burn pattern look, but I’ll give it a go

I have been busier since I retired! LOL Should be able to start working on mine the middle of this week.
Also need to send memo out to the "usual suspects" to make sure they know about the Swap. We are down to about 4 weeks!

I have been busier since I retired! LOL Should be able to start working on mine the middle of this week.
Also need to send memo out to the "usual suspects" to make sure they know about the Swap. We are down to about 4 weeks!

OH NO! MadDogMike has been infected with the curse of the double post! May you heal soon and stick your hands, not head, in clay. Hugs for all participants, Wendy

Time is short the 2024 Tiki Central Swap will end in July so it's time to get going and make some tiki art.

This year the swap is to be based on Witco. I've always loved their fountain even though we never owned one. I've chosen to do a black velvet painting. Here are some steps.

I printed a photo of the fountain in a size that was just right. I chose a frame and prepped the black velvet. I cut out the fountain.

000DSCN7240 DSCN7249

Go Wendy!!!

I wanted to tag people who participated or expressed interest in the last couple years but haven't chimed in yet
Joshua Bell

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-06-26 09:07:34 ]

OK, with that bit of business done I can start on my Swap project. Mrs MadDog is out of town for 2 days, time to make a mess in the dining room!
Height to diameter proportions will be a little off, it will be a little wider than it should be. I can only go 9 inches tall due to kiln limitations. I don't want to make it as skinny as it should be or it won't hold much. Should hold about 11 ounces as it is.

Rolled out some brown clay. The two 1/4 dowels on each side ensure the slab is uniformly 1/4" thick.

Clay wrapped around an appropriate sized glass covered with paper so the clay doesn't stick. Edges sealed, top notched to round the clay.

This is upside down. The bottom paddled round, the stabilizing post added to the bottom, and the top trimmed so the overall height is 9 inches. The post at the bottom means the mug will always have to sit on the base but hopefully it will keep the mug secure on the base.

Now to let it dry and firm up a bit. It shouldn't take long, my AC is broken and it predicted to be 110° today. Fortunately the AC guy is coming this morning.

The right hemisphere of the brain is considered to the the creative/artistic side while the left side is the logical/mathematical side. I consider myself to be a left brained artist and freehand symmetry is not my friend. So I measued the circumstance, divided by 4, and made a template of half of the face.

Traced half of the face into the soft clay, flipped the template over and traced the other half.
I'll carve this much deeper as the clay hardens.

Rolled out another slab and made a 4.75 inch cylinder for the base. Added a support with a hole about 1.5 inches down.

Then added a dished top and another hole.

Now the top mug portion rests in the dished top of the base and the post extends down through both holes in the base. Overall height is about 11.5 inches.

So I I did a tiki out of a broken bat, in the witco style. IMG_5334 IMG_5648 IMG_5651

[ Edited by anthonymaye on 2024-06-26 14:34:00 ]

Love it AnthonyMaye!!!

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-06-26 15:51:26 ]

Clay cut into squares and lookin' like Hersey's chocolate! Beveled the edges and joined the pieces together to make the box support for the bottom bowl.

Carved the face features deeper, added the tongue, added the top two bowls to the base and rigged up support to keep them in place as they dry.

Still lots of clean-up to do as it dries

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-06-26 16:00:25 ]

About done for the day. Did some clean-up and Witco-esque graining.
Mug by itself.

Joined the base pieces together.

All put together.

In the immortal words of Hannibal Smith "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Oh my men! you are rocking the Witco World. I can see more swappers joining based on your work.


The Wacky World of Witco is World Wide....Great starts Wendy, Mike, and Anthony....I'm a movin' on mine...so here's a prelim...it will be 11x17. Thanks for the Invite.. wwwitco_edited

Thank you Wendy ❤️.
Sculpting done, now to let it dry and fire next week.

Wow, men are rocking this art swap. Come on WOMEN do some art.

Next steps for my Witco painting. First, I used the photo to outline the outer edges. Then I cut up the photo and used the pieces to do the inside outlines. If you can print a photo that works for your frame size, then why not make it easy on yourself. Once I finished the outline then I tape the photo back together to use as my model.   DSCN7243DSCN7245DSCN7248

Or Got Rum? and danlovestikis, you are both off to great starts <3

[ Edited by MadDogMike on 2024-06-28 13:32:26 ]

Thank you MDM.

More steps for the Tiki Central Swap being run by MadDogMike.

I did the first layer. I also used a spike drug through the paint to make a woodgrain texture.


Hamo posted on Sat, Jun 29, 2024 2:12 PM

Looking good, all. I wonder where all the other past swappers are. Sure hope they show up, too.

I went through Tiki Modern and the Witco thread to find some inspiration for my lino print. I want something with color for a technique I want to try and will talk about later.




I'm leaning toward the last piece. But first I need to choose a frame so I know the size to make the print. Here are a few thrifted ones. I'm kind of interested in the unfinished frame so I can carve and burn it, but that requires acquiring a few additional tools.


Oh my, you guys are fast

Awesome stuff out there!!!

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