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We need a name!!!

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We need a name!

We're currently organising the second annual British Tiki gathering to take place
on October 19th and are in need of a decent name for it. Last year it was known
as the first annual British Tiki Convention, but as the word 'Convention' conjures up
images of Star Wars fans lining up for C3PO's autograph, it was thought a name
change was in order.

Tiki Chris has come up with a few:
*tiki two: electric boogaloo
*do that tiki one more time
*a tale of two tikis
*tiki sex fest! (this might increase attendence, unless of course folks know i'll be there!) *tiki communion
*laggards' luau

We could do with a name that can be used each year, makes it plain that Tiki is involved,
and perhaps makes a point of it being in the UK/Europe.

If any group of people have bright ideas, it's Tiki Centralites, so has anyone any suggestions?

Trader Woody


Maybe the TIki Fog Cutter? I think of Pea Soup Fog when I think of England.

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Polynesian Union


The Magnificently Amazing Sensationally Fantabulous Internationalistic Sooper Dooper Tiki Hullabaloo Extraordinaire Part Two: Attack of the Clones

And the fete's motto : "When a man is tired of Tiki, he is tired of life."

The Queen's Tiki Jubilee!


I lived in London for a short time during college so here are a few lame suggestions.

For the soccer hooligans: "Tiki, Oi" or "Great Tiki Piss Fest"

For the royals: "God Save the Tiki"

For the mundane: "Mind the Tiki" (said in a monotone female voice as found in Victoria station).

Hey, you could lend legitimacy to the whole endeavor by making reference to Polynesian countries who are members of the commonwealth? (I'm sure there must be a few?)

I'm very busy at work, but I can't resist this sort of thing.... here's my 2 cents worth!

Bali Hi-Ho!

Tiki 2: The Moai who Shagged Me

Camilla Parker Volcano Bowls

Dr. Funk of Buckingham Palace Rides the Pony and Loses His Umbrella

Since this has degenerated, I'll jump into the fray and add:
"Tiki's are Pukka!"





You need a name:


Add in numbers for the year, or meeting , e.g Bri-tiki 2002, Brit-tiki II. Or add "fest","union","ltd".

You get the name for use in perpetuity, I get a Mai-Tai at TV's from my British Tiki pals when I vist London next year. Deal!



UK LAU 2 is fooking brilliant.
Hats off!

(Although I'm still partial to Camilla Parker Volcano-Bowls, I can see why some may not want her face on a t-shirt)

Al & Shelly,

UK LAU 2 is quite unique!



Lots of great stuff, but I think Mind The Tiki is killer, especially if done up with the Tube's red and blue logo. Although a t-shirt of that may make you look like 1. a tourist or 2. too close to South London Pacific's logo.

Polynesian Union is also cool, though it is abbreviated PU. You could do a blue flag with 12 yellow tikis in a circle.


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On 2002-07-16 11:09, Fonduie wrote:
For the royals: "God Save the Tiki"

or how about 'tiki save the queen'?

Tikidelic UK
hUKilau (I'm seeing some AWESOME graphic design potential)
Tea and Tiki

"Those who think conventionally will never read my thoughts..." - The Black Lizard


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On 2002-07-16 11:09, Fonduie wrote:
Polynesian countries who are members of the commonwealth?

New Zealand (Auckland has the world's largest number of Polynesian residents) is the only original Polynesian member of the Commonwealth.

As of 1995, the other sovereign Polynesian members (with date of entry) were: Western Samoa (1970) and Tonga (1970). Fiji withdrew for various reasons in the past; but may have rejoined.

And as far as non-Polynesian but never-the-less Oceanic islands...

Nauru (1968), Papua New Guinea (1975), Solomon Islands (1978), Kiribati (1979), and Vanuatu (1980) with Tuvalu becoming a special member in 1968.

Thank you factmonster.com!

the TIKI GEEKI is back!

Tiki Chris

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Somehow I've been thinking about this all day on the LA freeway! I thought I had a good one, and then I came home a read all the brilliant suggestions! But what the hell? Here's one more:

UKulele Euro Luau II

"the Great Tiki Swindle"

"Never ming the bullocks, Here's the Tiki!"

Tiki Tea Time Too

Lousey London Luau

On 2002-07-17 01:10, thebaxdog wrote:

Lousey London Luau

I was thinking that London Luau might be a good name too, but I certainly hope their won't be anything lousey about our get together!

Wow, what a response! I knew Tiki-Centralites wouldn't
let us down!! "Tiki Piss-Fest" indeed...(too close to the truth!)

The difficult part is now to whittle down all the excellent ideas, but
keep 'em coming.

The tea connection WILL be used as I'm currently experimenting
with cocktails using cold tea (not as foul as it sounds - think ice tea)
though it doesn't seem to go too well with pineapple juice. We'll
use that as the 'official' cocktail of the gathering. I would dearly
love to call it the Camilla Parker Volcano-Bowl, but I'm not too sure
if we can get hold of the v-bowls themselves.

Trader Woody


"Poi Poi Poi Paloi!"(sp?)"North Sea Island Magic"

"Beyond The Reef - UK Luau"

"Our Little Island"

"Distant Drums"

Hmmm. I can't think. I'm at work. Brain too fuzzy.

"Which way to the Loo Ow?"

and we would have to have a special prize for anyone who could say UKulele Euro Luau II
or UK Y2K2 TIKI2 after a couple of mai tais. These names are SUPERB -- I've been sitting at my desk sniggering like a kettle and trying to avoid managerial notice.

I, too, have a place in my heart for Camilla Parker Volcano Bowles...

Oh, nuts, they're ALL good. I love this group...

Tea Bag Tiki Fest. II

"You put the limey in the coconut..."

Okay, that was rude. I'd blame the medication again, but I'm not on any...

Her Majesty's Drinking Team Presents: The Second Annual Pre-Hangover and Tikifest!


Idol Time. Loaned from my newsletter (The Idol Times). O.K., I don't have a newsletter but I might someday.


"Mad Tiki in the Fog"

TikiMaxton, that wasn't rude, that was hilarious!

  1. The Randy Tiki Romp

so where is the tiki con gonna be held? will we be able to rent a stall to sell stuff at it?

Details & final name will follow. It's more of a crawl than a convention, hence the need for a name change. Last year we went to three bars, including Trader Vics.

It'll definitely be in London, and I'll find out about the stall possibility. Please get in touch with me off the board at [email protected] and I'll go into it all further.

TikiCentralites will be the first to know about the plans, of course!

Trader Woody

how about..

the beachcombers ride out

How about Britty Tiki Tavi? Sorry.


a tiki carol


"Tea-ki and cucumbers sandwiches"
"Bloody tiki fest 2"
"Foggy Kahiki"

How about the BALI HAI STREET BASH?...High Street? get it? Grey

the best bit about this thread has been finding out what other nations think of as being peculiarly British that we just don't notice. I was thinking "High Street? What's so British about "High Street?" -- but of course it is, you US guys say Main street or something. But what we realised that we needed was something that would work for the potential British attendees who aren't on this list and get no resonance out of words that are just everyday to them. This is what made it so darn difficult! Whatever, I've loved this thread! You wait -- we'll be doing one for you US guys next...

I've had a couple of e-mails wondering when TikiStock 2002 was going to be announced......well it has been!
Check 'Tiki Events' folks. I know there's so much going on that's directed towards the lucky West Coast crowd that it depesses anyone outside California just to look at the Events Forum, but that's where you've gotta look!

Trader Woody

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